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ShelBroCo QuadraTech Chainring and BoltsCable adjusters are square. For decades now, bottom-bracket spindles have had square ends and cranks have had square holes. Seat-post clamps also have square holes and the clamp bolts have square necks.

And then you go to mount a chainring on a crank, and round sleeve nuts spin around in round holes.

It is possible to play tricks with lubrication, but really, isn't it about time that someone solved this problem for real?

Introducing ShelBroCo QuadraTech Chainrings and Non-Rotation sleeve nuts

Why didn't anyone think of this before? It's so simple! Square bolt holes, square-headed sleeve nuts. Finally, no more annoying slip and spin.

This changes everything!


"The square is to us what the cross was to the early Christians"

Theo von Doesburg

"You're so square."

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

"I'll never turn back upon my track until I get a square."

Harry "Mac" McClintock

"Oh, a day in the city-square, there is no such pleasure in life!"

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee!!!*

*Guaranteed for the life of the user, or two weeks, whichever comes first. Void where prohibited, prohibited where void, keep away from children and animals, use only with adequate ventilation. Attempt to insert a square nut in a round hole or a round nut in a square hole voids warranty. Note: Misuse of this product may lead to death or even serious injury!

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Products (Try them all!)
ShelBroCo QuadraTech Premium Carbon Fiber Chainrings save you every last gram (teeth, pins and ramps of the finest 7071-T5 aluminum alloy). 30, 32, 34T $1299.95
ShelBroCo QuadraTech EveryDay Chainrings: entirely CNC machined from the finest 7071-T5 aluminum alloy. 30, 32, 34T $599.95
Round-hole Carbon Fiber Chainring (Note: only the inner chainring of a double or racing triple is a Quadratech Chainring) Sizes 42T, 52T Specify 1x or 2x $1339.95
Many of you are still using cranksets of other brands, and so:
ShelBroCo QuadraTech Classic chainrings made on order, fit the crankset of your choice. Indicate make and model (check bolt-circle template) and we'll custom-machine chainrings to fit. 7071-T5 aluminm alloy.
ShelBroCo QuadraTech cranks: 97/65 mm Bolt Circles, 79- 81-79-121 degree pattern. A perfect match for ShelBroCo QuadraTech Chainrings. Specify 165, 170 or 175mm., Square taper or ISIS.
ShelBroCo QuadraTech cranks matched left and right with spiders for ShelBroCo 5 and 5 system $2095.95
ShelBroCo QuadraTech tandem cranks with left-side Gates Beltrings
ShelBroCo Square-neck Sleeve Nuts Single, set of 4 $999.95
ShelBroCo Square-neck Sleeve Nuts Double, set of 4 $1999.95
ShelBroCo Square-neck Sleeve Nuts Triple, set of 4 $2999.95

NOTE:ShelBroCo QuadraTech products can be shipped only to a valid postal address! Not shippable to any Web site, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or other vaporware address! Shipping (USA) (1-100) Zone 1 $99.95 Zone 2 $159.95 Zone 3 $199.95 Zone 4 $259.95.Zone 5 $599.95. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, and outside the USA: by arrangement.

Amount (Sending Limit: $999,534.35 (USD))


In Commemoration of
The Inventor of the ,
Nanodrive, Product W, Carrababy, Tork-Grip Universal Torque Wrench,
Real MAN Saddles, Symmetrispokes, the Geomagnetic Booster, and
POWerwheels, Sheldon "Genius, But Modest" Brown
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