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The Ultimate Torque Wrench

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Note: Conventional torque wrenches only work with expensive socket wrenches, and usually only with one size of those. Not so with the new TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench!

This tool is complete all by itself, and will attach firmly to any non-recessed fastener, nut or bolt.

Compatible With All Of Your Existing Fastener Tools!

For recessed fasteners, such as recessed crank bolts, Allen bolts of all sorts, Phillips and slotted-head screws, the TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench can grab onto any 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" or even 3/4" drive socket, any Allen wrench, or any screwdriver-type handle!

TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench

An Indispensible Tool for All Bicycle Repairs

It is well known that it is absolutely impossible to do any bicycle repair more complicated than oiling the chain without a torque wrench.

Unfortunately, the old-fashioned torque wrenches available in the past have been useless by themselves, requiring an expensive set of ratchet socket wrenches to make them work. Not so with the revolutionary TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench! Fully compatible with S.A.E., Metric, Whitworth systems!


"Real World" ® Calibrations!

Not visible on the prototype shown in the photo, the TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench features the Real World ® calibration system!

Old-fashioned torque wrenches from our pitiful competitors are calibrated in meaningless numbers. The TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench, however is clearly marked in easily understandable calibration marks instead:

Inertial Impact Alignment Tool

Works as an inertial impact alignment tool (also known as a "hammer"), too! The TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench is a solid, hefty tool, and can serve as a hammer in case of need. If the bulk of the tool itself isn't sufficient for your hammering needs, you can clamp any heavy metal object into its powerful curved jaws to increase its heft and hitting power!

Great for Self Defense Too!

The TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench is also extremely useful in medium-duty hand-to-hand combat, due to its superior reach and ruggedness. You can even clamp a knife blade into the jaws when needed for that extra "edge" over your opponent.
The Inventor of the TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench,
Real MAN Saddles, Symmetrispokes, the Geomagnetic Booster, and
POWerwheels, Sheldon "Genius, But Modest" Brown
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Order Yours Today!!!

This product is so new that we have not yet determined the actual retail price. Whatever it turns out to be, you'll certainly want at least one. Send us your actual credit card (not just the number!) along with a sample signature, and when the price has been finalized, we'll charge your card accordingly.

TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrenches are not available in any store,
only on the Internet!

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Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee!!!*
*Guaranteed for the life of the tool, or two weeks, whichever comes first. This guarantee does not apply to any TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrenches that has been used in the inertial impact alignment tool mode, nor to any that has been used on fasteners not specifically designed for the TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrenche, nor for any TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench that has been dropped from more than 18 inches. Void where prohibited, prohibited where void, keep away from children and animals, use only with adequate ventilation. Note: Misuse of this product may lead to death or even serious injury!

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