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It's in the news: the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has mandated that quiet hybrid and electric cars produce a distinctive sound, to alert visually-impaired and inattentive pedestrians.

But, cyclists, take note! An obscure provision of the recent US transportation bill (MAP 21) also required that the Federal Highway Administration's Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center develop a bicycle audibility standard. Testing is underway as of this writing.

ShelBroCo could not let the challenge to produce a practical, compact, lightweight, economical sounder system pass by.

ShelBroCo Sounder
Your tax dollars at work:
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scientist demonstrates test bicycle
NHTSA Scientist with bicycle

The ShelBroCo Sounder

with ShelBroco Sounder Seatpost plays any of our sound collections and draws power from a rechargeable internal battery, or your hub generator. You can hear it and you can feel it!

The Government does not, we repeat, not require the equipment shown in the photo at the left. (Whew!)

Patent applied for! Thanks to collaboration with the world-renowned Bose Corporation, our system achieves full-frequency response. The air in your bicycle's frame tubes resonates, by way of a hidden opening in the ShelBroCo Sounder Seatpost.

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ShelBroCo Sounder


Saddle not included.


Loud enough? Yes and YES! Sounds are amplified as needed, and super-effective, because you sound much closer than you are! Best of all, your bike will sound like -- a bike, only better, with our...

ShelBroCo Sound Collections

Our Sound Collections draw upon the deep resources of Sheldon's stable of bicycles, and his extensive legacy of recordings. Here's our offering:

Stop! The Mafac Racer Squeal, optionally with Rigida serrated-rim portamento. The Huffy Long-Reach Sidepull Clunk and Chatter. Coaster brake skid. Disc-brake screech. The Wet-Steel-Rim Last Gasp (pedestrians will think that you can't stop!). Many more!

the last gasp, sample sound Sample sound clip: The Last Gasp!

$ 9.95

Steel Is Real: Quill-stem creak. Steel-tubing pebble "ping". The clank of chain on chainguard; the clang of the loose steel fender. Marley's ghost clank-clank-clank of a case-hardened steel chain and padlock! More!

Marley's Ghost, sample sound Sample sound clip: Marley's Ghost!

$ 9.95

Chains, Sprockets and Gears: Does that silent belt drive leave you with an empty feeling? Recover the classic Sturmey-Archer AW hub ttick-rtick-ttick; the "plonk -- plonk -- plonk" of a loose cottered crank. Rusty chain squeak, in Sheldon Brown's own words, "as if you are being chased by a pack of angry mice". Many other selections too!

Angry Mice, sample sound Sample Sound Clip: Angry Mice!

$ 9.95

Nostalgic Noisemakers: the Playing Cards. The Ding Ding Bell. The squeeze-bulb horn! The Columbia tank bike pushbutton buzzer! The Gym Teacher Whistle! The Daisy, Daisy micro-synth novelty horn!

Squeeze-Bulb Horn, sample sound Sample sound clip: Squeeze-Bulb Horn!

$ 9.95

Canine Calls: The Angry Bark. The Howl. The Growl. The Whine. the Fox Hunt (hounds, horses and bugles!), and the Ulltimate Deterrent: the Wolf Pack!

Fox Hunt, sample sound Sample sound clip: The Fox Hunt!

$ 9.95

Two-Stroke, Blue Smoke: the VeloSolex. The Isetta. the Vespa. The Yamaha. (That one will really set those peds on the run!)

Yamaha motorcycle, sample sound Sample sound clip: The Yamaha!

$ 9.95

Song: Special and for a limited time only -- cycling may inspire you to break into song, except when out of breath in a steep climb -- but then Sheldon Brown himself can sing for you from his extensive repertoire. And -- racers: just imagine the effect on your competitors' morale when the song is in French!

Passant par Paris, sample sound Sample sound clip: Passant par Paris (lyrics): Sheldon sings, in French!

$ 99.95

Silence: BUT! in case you just want to revel in birdsong or the wind in the trees, our Silence Collection is recorded in awesome 24-bit digital sound at select Trappist monasteries and Buddhist meditation retreats! Special attraction: Outside the Cage, a live concert-hall recording of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of blessed silence -- followed by tumultuous applause to jolt you out of your reverie when you anticipate that traffic will build up. WARNING: Silence Collection selections do NOT meet US Government sounding requirements. Use at your own risk.

Outside the Cage, sample soundSample sound clip: Outside the Cage
Blessed silence, followed by a wake-up call!

$ 9.95


"Who? What?"

-- Pete Townshend, London, England

"I wish to express my deepest appreciation for this validation of my life work"

-- Dr. Leo Beranek, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Bring it On!"

George Antheil, Hollywood, California

"Cycliste are Individualisten, und zey deserrve Klänge mit Charakter!"

Hermann Ludwig Friedrich von Helmholtz, Berlin.

" !"

John Cage, New York City.

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In Commemoration of
The Inventor of the ,
Nanodrive, Product W, Carrababy, Tork-Grip Universal Torque Wrench,
Real MAN Saddles, Symmetrispokes, the Geomagnetic Booster, and
POWerwheels, Sheldon "Genius, But Modest" Brown
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