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by Sheldon "Stop!" Brown and others
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Bicycle Brake Choices A guide to the different types of brakes

Different types of brakes, their advantages, disadvantages and appropriate use.

Braking and Turning For all cyclists

Braking and turning technique.

Cables For anyone who services bicycle brakes or gears

Most brake and gear shifting problems are the result of cable friction or misadjustment. This article covers cable installation, preparation, and maintenance.

Caliper brakes For any cyclist who wants to service caliper brakes

Caliper brakes are the most common type of rim brake on road and BMX bicycles.

Brazed-on pivot brakes For any cyclist who wants to service brakes with pivots on the frame

A general article pointing to information on different kinds frame-mounted brakes (including the new "V-type" cantilevers, Rollercam brakes and U-brakes.)

Cantilever Geometry For tech heads

An examination of the geometry of cantilever brakes, and how to use it to achieve the level of mechanical advantage you desire in your braking system.

Coaster Brakes For retro fans

Coaster (back-pedalling) brakes are found on many older bikes. They aren't too hard to fix if they don't need parts.

Direct-Pull Brakes For any cyclist who wants to service direct-pull ("linear-pull", "V") brakes

Direct-pull brakes are a common type of modern cantilever brake. They require special brake levers.

Disc Brakes For any cyclist who wants to service disc brakes

Disc brakes are popular on off-road bicycles. They also may require special brake levers.

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Home-made Drop Bolts For tinkerers seeking better braking with long-reach caliper brakes

A not-very-elegant, but cheap and effective way to improve the braking on bicycles which require long-reach caliper brakes.

Build You Own Cantilever Jig For brave people with torches

This article describes one way to make a jig to hold cantilever bosses in place while brazing them on to a frame.

Repair of Shimano STI Brake-Shift Levers Outsource this job! Here's how.

There is an expert who specializes in this difficult repair.

Rim Brakes For any cyclist who wants to service rim brakes

Types of rim brakes; general information on selection, installation, adjustment.

Roller-cam Brakes For any cyclist who wants to service roller-cam brakes

Roller-cam brakes were common in the 1980s.

Shimano Rollerbrakes For anyone who is adding, servicing or removing a Rollerbrake

A Rollerbrake is a type of drum brake which is optional on some Shimano internal-gear hubs and front hubs.

Tandem Brakes For Tandem Fans

How to select and adjust your tandem's braking system(s) for safety even at high speeds.

Traditional Cantilever Brakes For and cyclist who wants to service traditional cantilever brakes.

How to adjust traditional cantilever brakes (those with a central cable that pulls from above).

U Brakes For any cyclist who wants to service U brakes.

U brakes were common in the 1980s and are still being installed on freestyle bicycles.

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary For all cyclists

An encyclopedic listing of bicycle lore, technical data and opinions.

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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