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A Need Met!

As bicycle use increases, conventional road markings have proven not to offer sufficient visibility, recognition and compliance. While the U.S. Federal Highway Administration has granted Interim Approval for green paint in bike lanes, it is our considered opinion at ShelBroCo, based on repeated observations, that bolder measures are necessary. We have taken up this challenge and can offer as our newest product a 21st-century technological triumph, a pavement marking paint that does double duty as an illuminated warning signal!

Check out the video below to see how it works, then scroll down this page for more information, and to place an order!

Bus Stop Application

Bicyclists plowing through crowds of pedestrians at the bus stop? Here's your answer.

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American Ingenuity and Industry!Us Flag

How did we do it? Think of your local craft brewery gone high-tech! Our special strain of bacteria is cultivated in large vats, and fed a carefully formulated nutrient slurry under controlled temperature conditions. Genes from fireflies have been spliced into the DNA of the bacteria, so they glow when immersed in an electromagnetic field. Active compounds are harvested and blended into our own secret paint formula. A simple grid of wires under the road or path surface supplies power, and voilà! ShelBroCo Magic Green Paint lights up!

We have been privileged over the past few years to engage world-class microbiologists in our top-drawer, cutting-edge synbio research project. "I couldn't think of more exciting work," says ShelBroCo Chief Scientist Scott Dian-Nao Tsien (Ph.D., MIT 2007). "It is humbling and deeply fulfilling for a recent graduate to take up work which leads so quickly to a wide range of practical applications."

ShelBroCo Magic Green Paint is 100% made in the USA. Production has ramped up to full scale following the October, 2014 purchase of the sprawling Pfungstadt brewery complex in Norristown, Pennsylvania, funded by HJF Venture Capital. ShelBroCo is proud to create jobs which pay a living wage and to play its part in the resurgence of American manufacturing industry.

Yes, ShelBroCo Magic Green Paint may be used at advanced stop lines, in mixing zones, at blind corners of buildings, to warn motorists of approaching bicyclists, to warn bicyclists of approaching motorists, to demarcate pedestrian zones at bus stops, to highlight other road markings -- or for additional possible uses limited only by your imagination!

More Videos

We had too many examples to fit on this page. Click on the thumbnail images here for links to another three videos!

Advanced stop line application Parking garage application Preventing the "right hook"
Advanced Stop Line application Parking Garage application Preventing the "right hook"

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"The Green Lane Project embraces this important advance!" Martha R., Boulder, Colorado

"Oh, wow! Far out!" Dr. Timothy L., Somewhere Else

"Progress marches forward, and now the light bulb is finally, decidedly obsolete!" ... Thomas E., West Orange, New Jersey

"Put this one on the fast track!" Anthony F., U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC.

"'s beautiful.' Kermit (the) F., Central Park, New York City.

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Order Yours Today!!!

Shelbroco Magic Green Paint System


Magic Paint - green of course

paint can pouring by the gallon


Wireless Receiver

receiver controller and power source


Wireless Transmitter

transmitter buy one for every bus in your transit system!


Note: for reasons of economy, this system uses conventional electrical wires available locally and simply inserted into the surface of the road or bikeway.

You can pay for purchases and services or just send money to us.

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