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Are your spokes helping you,
or are they working against you?

Are you are still riding old-fashioned "half'n'half" wheels? If you are, only half of your spokes are helping to pull your bike forward--while the other half are acually sabotaging your effort by pulling BACKWARDS!!!

The result is, with old fashaioned wheels, you actually get NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER from your spokes, since the pull of the pulling spokes is cancelled out by the backward pull on the static spokes!

This situation is a thing of the past, now that my new, patented POWerwheel spoking system is being made available to the cycling public.

On a 36 spoke wheel, laced the old-fashioned way, 18 spokes do all the work, while the other 18 not only do nothing to help your bike go forward, they are actually pulling you backwards!!!! How could so many wheelbuilders have been so STUPID? It is true that you need SOME backwards spokes for wheel stability, but HALF of them? Get REAL!

That Was Then, This is Now!

POWerwheel New POWerwheel lacing technology tilts the balance in your favor, by using 24 spokes for high-torque pulling power, and reducing the drag of the retarding spokes by only using 12 of them. Since you have half again as many pulling spokes, you gain a 50% power increase right there...but that's not all! By reducing the number of wasteful retarding spokes by 1/3, you get another 33.333333314% more effective power, for a total power increase of 83.333333314%!

Race Proven!

This system has already been extensively tested and proven under actual racing conditions! Hundreds of top pro riders have been engaged in a secret testing programme for several years, which has proven the worth of this system.

Due to the distinctive look of POWerwheels, it was necessary, during the testing, to camouflage them, so the POWerwheel-laced test wheels had opaque shrouds covering up the spokes to preserve the secret while we waited for our patent to be approved.

The cover up cover up.

We used a "cover story" to explain the unusual appearance of the wheels, which appeared not to have spokes at all. We concocted a fiction about "disc" wheels and some imaginary advantage in reduction of wind resistance. Everybody fell for it! Actually, the covers degraded performance, particularly in cross winds, but they were necessary for security reasons at the time.

The security covers could not be used on the front because of handling problems in crosswinds, but now that our patent has been granted, you can get the benefit of POWerwheels on the front as well as on the rear, without the extra weight of the covers!

Warning! Danger!

Due to the high speeds attainable with POWerwheels, it is vitally important that your bike be equipped either with V-Brakes (for mountain bikes) or Dual pivot calipers (for roadbikes), especially if you are going to fit POWerwheels at the front as well as the rear.

The Inventor of POWerwheels,
Sheldon "Bubba" Brown
George Brown photo
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Order Yours Today!!!

POWerwheels are not available in any store,
only on the Internet!

To order yours, email $3000.00 per pair to me at:
Email swissbank at sheldonbrown dot com
Payment must be in U.S. funds, cash only!

Specify whether you want Campagnolo, Joytech, Shimano or Wald hubs; Campagnolo, Shimano or Sun Race cassettes, Wobbler or Matricks rims.

Beware Imitations!

Although, like all great inventions, POWerwheels are based on a simple idea, this is a patented design, and inferior infringing "pirate" POWer-type wheels will be cause for disqualification in all USCF, ABA and USTA events.

In addition, inexperienced wheelbuilders who do not understand the subtle interplay of yin and yang required to build a reliable wheel with this technique, witout the benefit of our extensive testing programme will produce inferior products, prone to catastrophic failure at any moment.

Genuine POWerwheels come with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee!!!*

*Guaranteed for the life of the wheel, or two weeks, whichever comes first. This guarantee shall be void if the purchaser uses tires, tubes, rim tapes or valve caps or other accessories not expressly approved for use with POWerwheels, nor will it apply to any wheels which have been subject to on-road or off-road use. Void where prohibited, prohibited where void, keep away from children and animals, use only with adequate ventilation.

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Thanks to Jobst Brandt for his kind assistance.

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