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by Sheldon Brown and others
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organics logo Power Powder April 1, 2018

Boost your energy with ShelBroCo Power Powder. Special prices this Sunday of Easter and Passover.

ridewithoutgps logo RideWithoutGPS April 1, 2017

Getting lost is a pain. Find your way home with ShelBroCo RideWithoutGPS, the navigation system that never lets you down.

helium logo Helium April 1, 2016

Helium weighs only 0.13 times as much as air! Imagine what it can do for your tires.

green paint logo Magic Paint April 1, 2015

A pavement marking paint that does double duty as an illuminated warning signal!

5and5 logo Dent Removal April 1, 2014

Remove those pesky dents in a flash!

sonics logo ShelBroCo Sonics™ April 1, 2013

Meet the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards with distinctive sounds.

American flag SCB American Way
April 1, 2012

Now you can OWN the urban bicycle of your dreams.

new gifimage April 1, 2011

All the advantages of the classic ten-speed and of a modern ten-sprocket system

Sheldon's Secret Cellar April 1, 2010

YOUR turn to turn the wrench

Bike Walk America April 1, 2009

Bicycling advocacy takes a walk.

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ShelBroCo Chain Cleaning System April 1, 2007

There is Only One Correct Way to clean and lubricate your chain!

FasterCard Titanium April 1, 2005

The credit card for the Serious Cyclist!

Nanodrive April 1, 2004

The drivetrain of the 21st century!

Product W April 1, 2003

Product W, the ultimate performance-enhancing drug, with Theobromine!

Bikecentennial Airbag Helmet January 19, 2003

Safety with Style

image April 1, 2002

It's probably too late for you--but don't you want your children to have a chance to become Champion Cyclists?

TORK-GRIP Universal Torque Wrench April 1, 2001

The Universal Torque Wrench!

Real MAN Bicycle Saddles April 1, 2000

Are you a Real Man? Then why are you still riding on a "unisex" saddle?


A revolutionary new spoke design makes spoke breakage a thing of the past!

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Goofy Bicycle Gimmicks & Gadgets From the laboratory to you

Can't figure out your gears? Maybe you need a GearTel!

Sheldon Brown's Geomagnetic Booster ® Cutting Edge Technology

Use the Earth's magnetic field to enhance your speed!

Evil Bicycles The Satanic Conspiracy Exposed!

Sinister corporations are trying to undermine the character of the Youth of America
by producing bicycles which glorify Evil!

Postings by
Carapace Completed Umber
Humor from the rec.bicycles.* newsgroups.

Although I am well known to have no sense of humor whatever, my alter ego, Carapace Completed Umber, is silly enough for both of us. This page collects some of his postings to various bicycle-related newsgroups.

POWerwheels Humiliate Your Friends!

Are your spokes holding you back? Then you need new POWerwheels!

Bikes vs.Blades [by A Cyclist]

Vehicle or vestment? 101 Reasons Why Biking is Better than Blading.

Superleggero Bearing Balls Save weight! Go Fast!

Using old-fashioned solid bearing balls? No wonder you're so slow!

Bayonetz ® The Ultimate Bar Endz!


Sheldon Brown's Miscellaneous Humor Collection Gathered from here and there

Not bicycle related, but funny.

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BikeReader Humo(u)r A humo(u)r compendium

From That Sceptred Isle

The Rarest of the Rare Classic parts from Cycles de Oro


Mountainbike Militiamen Movement Watch out for the Black Helicopters!

Be ready to ride the apocalypse!

Mountain-Bike Ragazine Rad, dude!

Mountain-bike connection with Indian music, alas.

Ken Kifer's Cycling and Touring Humor Some of this is related to the rec.bicycles newsgroups.
Spike Bike Don't get mad, get even!


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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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