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Celebrating our 35th Anniversary!

I had the pleasure of appearing on the Sanders Theatre stage in the 35th Cambridge Christmas Revels as part of the "Macklesfield Mummers." I had two roles, one as "Avarice" in the Fauvel story, and the other as The Giant in the Mummers' Play.

revels-scb-avarice revels-scb-giant
Arthur Ferguson Photos

Staged by Revels artistic director George Emlen, the 35th Anniversary production of The Christmas Revels returned to the roots, with a medieval-themed show set in England's Haddon Hall.


The photos below were taken at the Dress Rehearsal, December 15, 2005. David Torrey and I each lent our respective Nikon 2500 cameras to audience members, since we were on stage, so we don't know who actually took each of these photos.

I've done a good deal of work in cleaning them up with Photoshop CS.



revels05-13 revels05-14 revels05-02 revels05-03
revels05-06 revels05-04 revels05-05 revels05-07


From David Torrey's Camera:

revels-torrey00 revels-torrey01 revels-torrey02 revels-torrey03
revels-torrey04 revels-torrey05 revels-torrey06 revels-torrey07
revels-torrey08 revels-torrey09 revels-torrey10 revels-torrey11
revels-torrey12 revels-torrey13 revels-torrey14 revels-torrey15
revels-torrey16 revels-torrey17 revels-torrey18 revels-torrey19
revels-torrey20 revels-torrey21 revels-torrey22 revels-torrey23
  revels-torrey24 revels-torrey25  


Here are some of my own photos:

Sanders Theatre, Memorial Hall, Harvard University

This is the magnificent building the Christmas Revels has been in for the last 35 years. It was built in the late 19th Century as a memorial to the Harvard men who lost their lives fighting to save the Union in the Slavery War. It's a spectacular bit of high Victorian architecture, even more gorgeous inside than out.

This view is heavily photoshopped, there's a clutter of street lights and other stuff in the way, and you can't get far enough away to get a good view of this side of it because there's a fire station blocking the view. I used a wide angle (18 mm) setting to get in as much as I did, then straightened out the drastically converging verticals with Photoshop CS2. I must admit that I also juiced up the color a bit, so this image is more idealized than realistic.

The two images below are all "clickable"

Sanders Theatre, Memorial Hall, Harvard University

To the right is an image of the Sanders Theatre lobby during the intermission of the Christmas Revels, December 18, 2005

The first act of the Christmas Revels traditionally ends with The Lord of the Dance, by Sidney Carter , as an audience participation event/dance. The cast leads the audience out of the theatre and into the lobby in a sinuous line dance, with everybody singing at the top of their lungs:

Dance, then, wherever you may be,
I am the Lord of the Dance, said He,
And I'll lead you all, whoever you may be,
And I'll lead you all in the Dance, said he
Lord of the Dance

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