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Baby and Lion

This is a strange painting that caught my eye in the Louvre. I love the contrast between the expressions of the mother, the baby, and the lion. I photographed this in situ.
Amateur astronomy-Université de Lille
My brother was in Azerbaijan for a few years, so I wanted to know a bit about the place.
Bad Poetry
Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland, et. al.
British comedy links

The Goon Show
An amazing BBC comedy show of the '50's--predecessor of Monty Python' Flying Circus
Bruce Jackson
Sceptical Sources, Civil liberties, Freethought, Progressive, Fun, Bicycling,
Human languages
Link to various sites dealing with languages.
The Simpsons
Bart, Homer, Marge, etc... not that other one!
Matthew B. Tepper (Berlioz, S.F.)
Berlioz, Ducks, Science Fiction, Liberal Politcs
The Spot
WWW Soap Opera.

The Victorian Web
Andy Walton
Useful links-assorted references.

See also my new page about Hats, if you don't have anything better to do!


The World is going to the dogs...and has been for a long time: Plus Ça Change

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