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This page is linked to my personal journal; it is a list of books I've read since I started keeping a journal (November 1998). I'm a fast and voracious reader, and the list was becoming too large to include along with the current jounal page, so I've split it off.

The list is alphabetical by author with the first half in books-a-i and second half here in books-j-z. Click on the title to learn what I thought of the book in question.

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DeepdriveAlexander Jablokov2/21/99
Daisy MillerHenry James9/20/03
Tales From DeadwoodMike Jameson1/5/06
Three Men on the BummelJerome K. Jerome5/25/00
A Country DoctorSarah Orne Jewett9/29/07
Lake Wobegon Summer 1956Garrison Keillor9/2/05
The Poisonwood BibleBarbara Kingsolver9/15/00
Puck of Pook's HillRudyard Kipling6/13/02
Rewards and Fairies 7/31/02
Censored by Earth CommandDavid L. Kuzminski3/26/06
Left BehindTim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins2/5/02
Agnes SurriageEdwin Lassetter Bynner12/ /07
ImperiumKeith Laumer5/21/05
Arcadian Adventures With the Idle RichStephen Leacock9/2/06
The Dawn of Canadian HistoryStephen Leacock9/9/06
The Mariner of St. MaloStephen Leacock9/28/02
Gather DarknessFritz Leiber4/3/00
A Series of Unfortunate Events-The Omninous OmnibusLemony Snicket9/5/06
Anti-Grav UnlimitedDuncan Long5/10/07
NapoleonEmil Ludwig10/5/99
The Sails of Tau CetiMichæl McCollum10/8/00
Fortune's FavoriteColleen McCullough8/28/99
The Grass CrownColleen McCullough8/19/99
Morgan's RunColleen McCullough6/8/02
The Great BridgeDavid McCullough2/3/07
The Centurion's EmpireSean McMullen1/23/99
The Eyes of the CalculorSean McMullen3/9/02
The Miocene ArrowSean McMullen2/24/02
Souls in the Great MachineSean McMullen12/17/01
Confederate States of AmericaHoward Means5/11/99
ProcuratorKirk Mitchell10/3/01
The Jupiter TheftDonald Moffitt12/15/98
Promise of GloryC. X. Moreau11/21/00
Remnant PopulationElizabeth Moon2/15/04
The Speed of DarkElizabeth Moon5/17/07
The Serrano Legacy Series:Elizabeth Moon
Hunting PartyElizabeth Moon7/10/03
Sporting ChanceElizabeth Moon7/10/03
Winning ColorsElizabeth Moon7/14/03
Once a HeroElizabeth Moon7/19/03
Rules of EngagementElizabeth Moon7/31/03
Change of CommandElizabeth Moon8/3/03
Against the OddsElizabeth Moon8/7/03
Vatta's War Series:Elizabeth Moon
Trading in DangerElizabeth Moon2/20/04
Marque and ReprisalElizabeth Moon11/7/04
Engaging the EnemyElizabeth Moon4/7/06
Command DecisionElizabeth Moon4/18/07
The Continental RisqueJames L. Nelson2/28/99
Fallen AngelsLarry Niven/Jerry Pournelle7/4/03
Man-Kzin Wars IXLarry Niven et al.5/18/02
Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder WarLarry Niven & Hal Colebatch7/23/03
The House of the KzintiJerry Pournelle, Dean Ing, S.M. Stirling7/24/04
ProtectorLarry Niven11/25/99
RingworldLarry Niven10/31/99
Saturn's RaceLarry Niven and Steven Barnes10/29/00
The Gripping HandLarry Niven & Jerry Pournelle4/2/07
The Mote in God's EyeLarry Niven & Jerry Pournelle3/32/07
The Pit: A Story of ChicagoFrank Norris11/5/03
Time Traders IIAndre Norton4/4/01
Star SoldiersAndre Norton9/15/02
Blue at the MizzenPatrick O'Brian11/21/99
The Hundred DaysPatrick O'Brian12/10/98
Ballads of AmericaHenry O'Meara3/30/00
Animal FarmGeorge Orwell8/24/99
Down and out in Paris and LondonGeorge Orwell11/24/99
The Dante ClubMatthew Pearl5/1/05
O Pioneer!Frederik Pohl1/31/99
 Co-Dominium Future History Series:Jerry Pournelle
High JusticeJerry Pournelle12/7/06
West of HonorJerry Pournelle12/19/06
The MercenaryJerry Pournelle12/23/06
Prince of Mercenaries
Go Tell the SpartansJerry Pournelle1/23/07
Prince of SpartaJerry Pournelle3/11/07
King David's SpaceshipJerry Pournelle3/16/07
The Mote in God's EyeLarry Niven & Jerry Pournelle3/32/07
The Gripping HandLarry Niven & Jerry Pournelle4/2/07
Fallen AngelsLarry Niven/Jerry Pournelle7/4/03
The House of the KzintiJerry Pournelle, Dean Ing, S.M. Stirling7/24/04
The Colden CompassPhilip Pullman1218/07
AnthemAyn Rand2/5/01
Swallows and AmazonsArthur Ransome3/7/00
The ChipT.R. Reid12/30/01
Choosers of the SlainJohn Ringo9/15/06
Emerald SeaJohn Ringo1/30/05
The Years of Rice and SaltKim Stanley Robinson8/16/03
The Plot Against AmericaPhilip Roth8/29/07
Charlemagne, First of the ModernsCharles Edward Russell12/20/98
The Unbearable BassingtonSaki8/24/00
Rise to RebellionJeff Shaara7/13/07
The Glorious CauseJeff Shaara8/6/07
The Killer AngelsMichael Shaara1/20/07
AftermathCharles Sheffield2/4/99
StarfireCharles Sheffield6/17/00
ResurgenceCharles Sheffield9/26/04
The Web Between the WorldsCharles Sheffield4/15/01
LongitudeDava Sobel2/2/00
Life of Benjamin FranklinJared Sparks9/5/02
CryptonomiconNeal Stephenson6/4/99
CryptonomiconNeal Stephenson6/15/03
QuicksilverNeal Stephenson10/26/03
The ConfusionNeal Stephenson5/29/04
The system of the WorldNeal Stephenson10/30/04
Snow CrashNeal Stephenson2/20/07
The CobwebStephen Bury (Neal Stephenson)11/14/99
InterfaceStephen Bury (Neal Stephenson)10/31/99
The Black ArrowRobert Louis Stevenson6/22/04
Treasure IslandRobert Louis Stevenson3/23/06
The Wandering JewEugène Sue7/12/06
Vanity FairWilliam Thackeray1/14/08
War and PeaceLeo Tolstoy5/26/03
City of PearlKaren Traviss11/30/05
The English RevolutionG. M. Trevelyan11/8/98
JustinianH. N. Turteltaub8/5/06
Over the Wine Dark SeaH. N. Turteltaub8/20/06
3 x THarry Turtledove9/11/04
Household GodsJudith Tarr & Harry Turtledove5/10/00
Opening AtlantisHarry Turtledove1/26/08
Colonization: Down to EarthHarry Turtledove3/5/00
Colonization: Second ContactHarry Turtledove4/10/99
Colonization: AftershocksHarry Turtledove2/24/01
Homeward BoundHarry Turteldove1/3/05
Down in the BottomlandsHarry Turtledove & L.Sprague de Camp11/26/00
Days of InfamyHarry Turtledove12/5/04
End of the BeginningHarry Turtledove11/14/05
The Great War: Walk in HellHarry Turtledove12/19/99
The Great War: BreakthroughsHarry Turtledove8/20/00
Gunpowder Empire (Crosstime Traffic-Book One)Harry Turtledove11/13/03
Curious Notions (Crosstime Traffic-Book Two)Harry Turteldove6/24/06
In High Places (Crosstime Traffic-Book Three)Harry Turteldove6/22/06
In the Presence of Mine EnemiesHarry Turtledove8/14/06
How Few RemainHarry Turtledove1/8/04
American Empire: Blood and IronHarry Turtledove8/24/01
American Empire: The Center Cannot HoldHarry Turtledove7/20/02
American Empire: The Victorioius OppositionHarry Turtledove8/20/03
Settling Accounts: Return EngagementHarry Turtledove8/15/04
Settling Accounts: Drive to the EastHarry Turtledove?
Settling Accounts: The GrappleHarry Turtledove7/29/06
Settling Accounts: In at the DeathHarry Turtledove8/10/07
Ruled BritanniaHarry Turtledove7/27/03
WorldWar: In the Balance Harry Turtledove3/16/02
WorldWar: Tilting the Balance Harry Turtledove4/1/02
WorldWar: Upsetting the Balance Harry Turtledove4/13/02
Huckleberry FinnMark Twain8/26/99
Life on the MississippiMark Twain5/8/00
The Innocents AbroadMark Twain8/11/00
The Innocents AbroadMark Twain1/5/07
Roughing ItMark Twain7/11/07
A Tramp AbroadMark Twain2/13/02
The Gilded AgeMark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner10/31/03
Cinq Semaines en BallonJules Verne6/3/00
Les Forceurs de BlocusJules Verne1/30/01
A Deepness in the SkyVernor Vinge8/22/99
A Fire upon the DeepVernor Vinge8/9/02
Letters on EnglandVoltaire5/6/02
The Gilded AgeMark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner10/31/03
The Honor Harrington Series: -- David Weber
Worlds of HonorDavid Weber et. al.6/1/03
(1) On Basilisk StationDavid Weber3/7/01
(2) The Honor of the QueenDavid Weber10/7/02
(3) The Short Victorious WarDavid Weber10/11/02
(4) Field of DishonorDavid Weber10/15/02
(5) Flag in ExileDavid Weber6/24/01
(5) Flag in ExileDavid Weber10/26/02
(6) Honor Among EnemiesDavid Weber10/26/02
(7) In Enemy HandsDavid Weber11/17/02
(8) Echoes of HonorDavid Weber11/29/02
(9) Ashes of VictoryDavid Weber7/6/01
(9) Ashes of VictoryDavid Weber12/15/02
(10) War of HonorDavid Weber1/12/03
(11) At All Costs ARCDavid Weber9/6/05
Changer of WorldsDavid Weber & Eric Flint8/22/01
More than HonorDavid Weber et. al.6/22/03
Worlds of HonorDavid Weber et. al.6/1/03
Shadow of SaganamiDavid Weber1/15/05
Mutineer's MoonDavid Weber4/26/06
1633David Weber & Eric Flint8/14/02
The Shiva OptionDavid Weber & Steve White9/18/03
The Time Machine H. G. Wells3/17/02
The War of the WorldsH. G. Wells7/14/05
Wheels of ChanceH. G. Wells10/1/03
Stars Over StarsK.D. Wentworth6/8/01
Fighting FranceEdith Wharton12/9/04
The House of MirthEdith Wharton8/27/03
The Importance of Being EarnestOscar Wilde3/12/07
How I learned to Ride the BicycleFrances Willard10/8/99
The Secret History of the Pink CarnationLauren Willig1/22/06
A Damsel in DistressP. G. Wodehouse9/1/03
The Americanization of Benjamin FranklinGordon W. Wood7/10/04
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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First Half--See: Books A - I

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