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The drop bar position is a little more aggressive than I normally use for drops, but the upper bars give me a very relaxed, cruiser-ish position. I'm looking for a slightly longer stem for the upper bars to reduce interference with my forearms when I'm riding on the hoods.

This set up is really a kick, it's like two totally different bikes, depending on which bars I grab hold of.

The lower stem is 1 1/8" threadless type, but the upper one is a quill style. Turns out that the steel 1 1/8" threadless steeerer has the correct inside diameter to work with a nominal 1 1/8" threaded type stem (o.d. 1 inch.) which helps me get the bars up higher.

I've subsequently gone to a somewhat longer, taller 1 1/8" threadless stem on a Zoom quill adaptor.

The upper "handlebar" shown is actually a BMX 7/8" seatpost, but I've since changed to a cut-down MTB handlebar that's a bit wider.

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