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Kodak V570 Mounted on Handlebar stem

The V570 also does full-motion video with sound. It does VGA size (640 x 480 pixels) or smaller (320 x 240 pixel) video at 30 frames/second.

I've been playing around with mounting it on bicycle handlebars. The wide angle lens helps minimize vibration issues, and the camera's built-in image stabilizer also helps, with amazing results.

Click here for a 30 MB, 1 minute long sample at full VGA resolution.

The clip above was done with a universal mount clamped onto the left side of the handlebar, before I made the stem mount. You can see the left brake lever in the lower left of the image. As the handlebars move back and forth, you'll notice the lever moves much more than the actual image...that is the action of the electronic image stabilizer.

The wide angle lens increases apparent speed, makes it look scarier than it actually is.

This depicts the first minute of my daily commute.

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