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Why did I ever sell this camera?

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photosuicide feri-bot bigfoot rollers
Watertown, Massachusetts 1973.
Suicide by Miranda. Not a very good camera, I survived the attempt!
Istanbul, 1974.
In Turkish, this type of vessel is called a "feri bot".
Watertown, Massachusetts, 1974.
The thrill of my first 20mm lens!
Newtonville, Massachusetts, 1979
bosp-mansion desoto Turkish bike Kosovo fence
Istanbul, 1975
The Bosphorus used to be lined with old wooden mansions like this.
Istanbul, 1975
DeSotos are highly prized by Istanbul cabbies.
Intambul, 1975
Typical Turkish bicycle. This one was unusual in that it had two good tires, even if it lacked brakes and pedals.
Kosovo, 1975
This type of woven fence is characteristic of ethnic Albanian design.
Kotor Kotor Isle Belgian farm lighthouse
Kotor, Yugoslavia, 1974
This star-shaped bay surrounded by steep mountains was ringed with this sort of mooring fences.
Kotor, 1975.
Kotor is now in Montenegro, but was badly damaged by an earthquake since I was there.
Belgium, 1975
I took this with the camera and lens shown at the top of this page.
Wellfleet, Massachusetts, early '80's.
2cvs Eifel Tower interior Brown bike - Dampierre Wells
Chevreuse, France, 1988.
What's the plural of "deux cheveaux"?
Paris, Tour Eiffel, 1989. Dampierre, Yvelines, France 1989
I built this bike.
Bishop's palace, Wells, England 1988.
Monet's garden abbey grj ore ship Boston night
Monet's garden, Giverny 1989.
A bit of photo-impressionism, using a home-made soft-focus lens, not computer trickery
(Not that I have anything against computer trickery!)
Paul is dead!?.
(I told you I didn't have anything against computer trickery!)
Québec, 1993
A loooong skinny image of a looong skinny ship.
Boston, 1995
Bath weir Eiffel Tower at night Paris panorama

Bath weir, England 1974
Paris, 1989.

I didn't have a tripod with me, so I propped my Retina IIc up on some coins.
"100 ans" celebrates the centenary of the Tower

Panorama, Paris, 1989
9 images from the Retina glued together. A 208k jpeg.

Central Park panorama

180 degree panorama of New York's Central Park

September, 1998. This is a composite of 12 images made with a 100 mm Nikon lens from a window on Central Park West.

Brandon Gap

Brandon Gap, Vermont, Mid 1970s

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I like to play around with disposable cameras. I reload them after use. I also modify panoramic models to take full frame pictures. (Normally, panoramics only expose a 12 mm high strip down the middle of the frame, instead of the full 24 mm height of a standard 35 mm frame. This seems like a silly waste of film to me. In addition, I adapt them to take 24 exposure rolls, rather than the usual 12.

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Marriage on the Bikeway Pictures

Pamela and John get hitched!

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