Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Swap 2000
Brookline, Massachusetts, August 13, 2000

Photographs by Sheldon Brown

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bianchihead1 bianchihead2 bsaparabb bsaparaside camp2
bianchihead1.jpg bianchihead2.jpg bsaparabb.jpg bsaparaside.jpg camp2.jpg
campagescapement campinside campshiftfork suicide clbsecenterpull
campagescapement... campinside.jpg campshiftfork.jpg suicide.jpg clbsecenterpull.jpg
cycloherse cycloherselever ephgraveschaterleabb ephgraveshead ephgravesseat
cycloherse.jpg cycloherselever.jpg ephgraveschaterl... ephgraveshead.jpg ephgravesseat.jpg
ephgravesstem hetchinshead hetchinsstays masirearder osgear
ephgravesstem.jpg hetchinshead.jpg hetchinsstays.jpg masirearder.jpg osgear.jpg
osgearquarter osgearside redvan rra rra-sa-qr
osgearquarter.jpg osgearside.jpg redvan.jpg rra.jpg rra-sa-qr.jpg
rrafork rust swisscheese thanetbb thanetconstrictor
rrafork.jpg rust.jpg swisscheese.jpg thanetbb.jpg thanetconstricto...
thanetfront thanethead thanetseatcluster thanetseattube
thanetfront.jpg thanethead.jpg thanetseatcluste... thanetseattube.jpg

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