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Articles about Bicycle Frames and Fitting
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by Sheldon "If It Does Not Fit, You Must Not Sit" Brown and others
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Frame Materials Steel? Carbon? aluminum? Titanium?

What frame material makes the most sense for your bicycle, your budget and your travel plans?

Revisionist Frame Sizing What size frame do you need?

What Size Bicycle Fits What Size Rider? Up until the early '80's, this was a fairly easy question to answer. You would stand over the frame of a bike, and if there was an inch or two between the top of the top tube and your tender parts, that was the right size. Bikes commonly came in frame sizes two inches apart, so there was not much question whether the 21" or the 23" was the "right" size...

The Myth of "K.O.P.S." Knee Over Pedal Spindle...Does is matter?

by Keith Bontrager

Exploding myths is tough work. People don't want to believe that their ideas about how things work or how things should be are wrong. Keith Bontrager tackles one of our primary beliefs about bike fit: that aligning the rider's knee over the pedal spindle is critical for proper positioning.

Rinard Frame Tests How stiff is that frame?

By Damon Rinard

I designed a simple non-destructive deflection test to measure the flexibility of frames. That way I could make a numerical comparison of the stiffness of various frame designs.

EFBE Fatigue Test How long till it fails?

By Robert Kühnen, translated by John Allen

This ground-breaking article, first published in a German magazine, compared the resistance of of aluminum, carbon-fiber and steel frames to fatigue failure.

Steel Bicycle Frame Repairs Bent, dented, broken?

by John Allen

A professional framebuilder can repair a steel frame so it is like new, but a small-town welder anywhere in the world can get you back on the road.

The MIT Aluminum Bicycle Frame Project 1974 So, what led to Klein and Cannondale?

by Harriet Fell

A history of the MIT project where some of the first modern, large-diameter tube aluminum bicycle frames were built. Harriet Fell built one of them and still rides it.

Seat Post Size Database

This page is a listing of various bicycles, and the seatpost diameters that fit them.

Stuck Seatposts Unnnnngggh!

Fifteen Strategies for unsticking them.

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary For all cyclists.

An encyclopedic listing of bicycle lore, technical data and opinions.

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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