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by Sheldon "Spin" Brown and others
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SunRace/Sturmey-Archer is now manufacturing a 3-speed fixed-gear hub, the S3X. So, if you want a 3-speed fixed-gear bicycle, you no longer have to fantasize about the unobtainable ASC 3-speed fixed gear hub from the 1950s!

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Derailerless Drivetrains If you crave simplicity and reliability...

How to set up a bicycle with a fixed gear, a single-speed freewheel, or internal gears: just say no to derailers.

Fixed Gears For the active, vigorous cyclist.

Are you sure you need a bicycle with gears? The purest, simplest kind of bicycle is the fixed-gear bicycle. Riding a fixed gear will make you a stronger, smoother cyclist...and it is a ton of fun!

Fixed Gear Conversions Building up a fixed-gear bike

This article deals with the nuts-and-bolts of converting a conventional bicycle into a fixed gear.

Fixed Gear Testimonials For the unsure.

A collection of testimonials from happy fixed-gear converts.

My Fixed-Gear Fleet Think you have too many bikes?

Read about my personal collection of weird and wonderful fixed-gear bikes.

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Fixed-gear on the Cheap! by Tom Deakins Not sure you'll like fixed gear? Handy?

Convert an old clunker to taste the fixed-gear experience.

Fixed-gears and Knee Health by Charles Renner Is fixed gear riding beneficial for cyclists who suffer knee problems?

It's an interesting theory, but by no means proven one way or another.

Singlespeed Bicycle Conversions Choosing a bicycle to convert, and setting it up.

Simplify, simplify.

Singlespeed Cyclocross by Tarik Saleh

Does a singlespeed give you an unfair advantage in cyclocross racing?

Singlespeed Mountain Bikes subtitleD
One is enough!

Many cyclists are rebelling against the excessive complication, fragility and weight of current mountain bikes. More and more cyclists are discovering the joys of simple, one-speed bicycles.

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Harris Cyclery Fixed-Gear Parts Hard to find fixed-gear parts

If your local bike shop doesn't carry fixed gear stuff, you can get it here!

Make your own 2-speed fixed-gear A very advanced do-it-yourself project.

It is theoretically possible to convert a Sturmey-Archer AW three-speed hub into a two-speed fixed gear.

2-speed fixed plus one speed free, with two chains by Bruce Ingle

An even more advanced hack.

Online Gear Calculator For cyclists who are not mathphobes.

You can calculate gain ratios, gear inches, or meters development. with my Online Gear Calculator

Gain Ratios For gear-head techno-nerds only!

A new and different way to calculate your bicycle's gears, and to compare the gears of one bicycle with those of another.

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary For all cyclists.

An encyclopedic listing of bicycle lore, technical data and opinions.

Paris Brest Paris on Fixed Gear by Emily O'Brien

An inspiring report on an epic ride, the 2007 Paris Brest Paris.

Cross-USA fixer ride by Chris Sachs

Another epic ride.

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External Fixed-Gear Links:

Rabbit, A Singlespeed and Fixed-gear Calculator

Tom Kunicki's specialized calculator for fixed-gear and singlespeed applications Offroad!

Into the woods without a freewheel!

Dirk Bettge's converted Hercules 3-speed

You don't need a fancy frame to get started in fixed gear!

Fixed-Gear 101

Greg Goode's introduction to fixed gear technique

Fixed-Gear Gallery

Zillions of fixed gear bike pix.


Pretty pictures from Oz

Good site for the urban fixed gear fan, but they're wrong about the need for brakes.

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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