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Articles about Cyclecomputers and GPS
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by Sheldon "Numbers" Brown and friends
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Cyclecomputer and GPS Database
by John Allen and Sheldon Brown

This page links to owner's manuals and setup instructions for almost any cyclecomputer or bicycle GPS unit you are likely to come across.

Cyclecomputer Calibration
by John Allen and Sheldon Brown

This page is a complement to the cyclecomputer database, providing appropriate calibration numbers for most cyclecomputers and wheel sizes. This document also describes techniques to improve on stock calibration numbers to improve accuracy.

Cyclecomputer Calibration Chart for Printout

A version of the Cyclecomputer Calibration Chart designed to be printed out on paper.

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Cyclecomputer Installation For the home or shop mechanic.

17 Tips For Installing Cyclecomputers

Cyclecomputer and GPS Accuracy If you are interested in what's behind the numbers...!
by John Allen

Cyclecomputers and GPS systems each have their own pecularities, and this article describes them, along with a bit of history.

Cyclecomputer Math: How Accurate? Going even further behind the numbers...!
by John Allen

Three cyclecomputers are tested against one another to see whether their distance readings are consistent with one another. Not quite!

Riding with RidewithGPS It works with a smartphone or GPS unit.
by Harriet Fell

How to use this online service to find and store rides; setup on your bicycle and home computer or tablet.

Old Smartphone GPS Problems and Solutions If GPS no longer works righ on your smartphone
by Mark Sevier

Mark describes how changes in GPS signals created a problem, and how you may be able to solve it without replacing your phone.

Cyclometer Errors Caused by Magnet Orientation For the home or shop mechanic.

by Charles Learoyd

It sometimes matters which way the magnet faces!

Cyclecomputer Troubleshooting For the home or shop mechanic.

Cyclecomputers can be serviced when they malfunction, and most problems are not that difficult to fix. You will need a multimeter (volt-ohm-milliammeter) which can be purchased at your local Radio Shack for under $15.

Some repairs may also require a soldering iron and knowledge of how to use it.

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary For all cyclists.

An encyclopedic listing of bicycle lore, technical data and opinions.

RidewithoutGPS For computerphobes.
by John Allen and Harriet Fell

Who needs all the tech, anyway?? Back to basics!

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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