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by Sheldon "Podboy" Brown and John Allen
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It was Sheldon's intent to create a series of podcasts, which will be located in this folder as they appear.

We have not yet set up an RSS feed, so at the moment there's just this static page.

Sheldon's last podcast is from October 3, 2005, but we (Harriet Fell and John Allen) have added links to additional material: Harriet's video about her Paris-Brest-Paris ride, and interviews with us on Diane Janks's Outspoken Cyclist weekly podcast.

Diane Jenks Outspoken Cyclist interview with Harriet Fell and John Allen, June 26, 2021

Harriet Fell's career in bicycling and computer science; closing of Harris Cyclery and continuation of sheldonbrown.com.

Harriet Fell talk about her Paris-Brest-Paris ride (video)

Harriet was among the first four Americans to ride PBP, in 1975. Her story about it.

Harriet Fell's presentation on her aluminum bicycle at the 2016 ICHC (video)

Also see the paper written for the conference by Marc Rosenbaum and Harriet.

Diane Jenks Outspoken Cyclist interview of John Allen about sheldonbrown.com, April 23, 2011

This was shortly after John took up the task of writing and editing.

October 3, 2005 Interbike Las Vegas, Shostakovich Op.87 (16.8 MB mp3)

See also my photos and report from Interbike at https://www.sheldonbrown.com/lasvegas/2005  

September 29, 2005 Grant Petersen Interview (8.8 MB mp3)

Sheldon interviewed Grant Petersen in Las Vegas at the Interbike show. This is a good one!

A reader, Bone Killian, has kindly transcribed this Podcast for the benefit of those who prefer the written word. Click here to read it.

September 25, 2005 English 3 Speeds, Oysterband (18.9 MB mp3)

English 3 Speeds and England's Oysterband

This one has decent audio, used a lapel mike and MiniDisc recorder.

August 27, 2005 Talk to 'Bentride 2005, Bath New York (9.8 MB mp3)

"Sorry the audio isn't better, this was recorded on my Sony Clié PDA which was in my pants pocket, on the spur of the moment."

You can also read some about the rally in My Online Journal

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