Grant Peteresen on


Grant and Gary
Grant Petersen and Gary Fisher at Interbike ‘01
Grant Petersen at Interbike ‘01
Sheldon and Grant
Sheldon Brown and Grant Petersen at Interbike ‘02
Grant with tire
Grant Petersen with his patented Color Blend Tire ‘03
Grant and Asian Bridgestone
Grant Petersen with a Euro-Asia Imports carbon fibre Bridgestone bike at Interbike ‘05
Grant Petersen and Sheldon Brown – when we visited for Tova’s UCSC graduation 2006
Sheldon and Grant Sheldon and Grant Sheldon and Grant Sheldon and Grant
Sheldon Grant Jobst
Grant Petersen, Sheldon Brown, Harriet Fell, Cora Haselbeck 2006
Sheldon Grant Jobst
Sheldon Brown, Grant Petersen, and Jobst Brandt at Interbike ‘06


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