Sheldon Brown's Photographs-Europe 1988-89
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Paris panorama

Panorama, Paris, 1989
9 images from the Retina glued together. A 208k jpeg.

2cvs eiffel interior brown Dampierre Wells
Chevreuse, France, 1988.
What's the plural of "deux cheveaux"?
Paris, Tour Eiffel, 1989. Dampierre, Yvelines, France 1989
I built this bike.
Bishop's palace, Wells, England 1988.
Monet Eiffel tower at night Mt St Michel musette
Monet's garden, Giverny 1989.

A bit of photo-impressionism, using a home-made soft-focus lens, not computer trickery (Not that I have anything aginst computer trickery!)


I didn't have a tripod with me, so I propped my Retina IIc up on some coins.
"100 ans" celebrates the centenary of the Tower

Mont St. Michel Musette-Montmartre

An Edith Piaf impersonator working the crowd at Montmartre

Petit Ponts, Chevreuse signs Chevreuse torchlight traction avant
Petit Ponts, Chevreuse
Road signs in Chevreuse
A torchlight parade

in revolutionary costumes was part of the Chevreuse Festival in 1989.
Tova, Harriet and George

Citröen Traction Avant
velo dame Yvette Stonehenge
Antique French Lady's Bike

on the streets of Montmartre, 1989

Petits Ponts, Chevreuse Stonehenge, 1988.

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