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I've been an amateur sound recordist since the 1960s, and the MP3 medium allows me to share some of my recordings.

I'll probably add more as time goes on, but I'm starting out with some recordings of my son George.

George Martin Fell Brown

George Martin Fell Brown

George is 18, currently a high school senior*. He is a student at Brandeis University. He plays trombone and baritone/euphonium, both jazz and classical, and also composes. His most recent, most ambitious composition is:

* when he composed this piece.

Trombone Concerto: Across the Desert (12.5 mb)

This is a 13 minute work for trombone and orchestra, recorded May 22, 2001. The recording was made at a rehearsal. The Newton North High School Orchestra had about 20 minutes of rehearsal under the able direction of conductor Adam Grossman. The work has some very difficult rhythms, and it's a credit to the orchestra and conductor that they were able to do so well with such little rehearsal.

This is my first attempt at direct digital recording. I connected a Realistic electret condenser stereo microphone to my Mac iBook, using a Felt Tip Sound Studio software. The conversion from .aiff to .mp3 format was done with Soundjam MP


George also plays jazz, with Swing Thing, a student band of the Harvey Finstein Music School.


Swing Thing, with teacher Duncan Martin

Swing Thing, with teacher Duncan Martin sitting in on Sax

Here are three Swing Thing MP3s

Something Different (2 mb)
Captain Marvel (2.3 mb)
Satisfaction Guaranteed (2.6 mb)

These were recorded on digital video, then transferred via analog connection, using the software above.

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