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Sheldon started keeping an online journal on

November 8, 1998. (

"Well, gotta start somewhere, so here I go. I've never kept any sort of journal or diary before, not sure what this might evolve into...time will tell.”

He posted synopses of his thoughts and activities, comments on books, films, tv shows, and music both live and recorded until his death on

February 3, 2008. (

Super Tuesday Nears... "I've finally made up my mind, I'll be voting for Obama in the primary on Tuesday. When you live in Massachusetts, the primary is the only presidential vote that matters--if a Democrat can't carry Massachusetts in the final, there's no hope! I'm still a big fan of Clinton, and would still be on the fence, except that my daughter is very strongly for Obama and has been working for him, which is enough to tip the balance for me.

Actually, my ideal scenario would be a Clinton/Obama ticket, with Obama running in 2016 as VP. However, it's very unclear that such a ticket is possible, so Obama/whoever is my next choice.”

The journal pages are all linked, each covers two months, the first is "November-December 1998” and the last is "January-February 2008”

The first page also links back to a 1975 Retrospective which links in turn to a 1971 Retrospective.

This is the selfie put in the 1971 retrospective
Sheldon in 1971

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