The MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players

Utopia Limited Photos

By George Brown
Sheldon Brown
Harriet Fell

M.I.T. Student Center, April, 1996

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   The Cast and Crew

1.    The Wise Men  2.   Scaphio (Daniel Kamalic)  3.    Phantis (Robert Morrison)  4.    Tarara, the Public Exploder (Mike Bromberg)

5.   King Paramount (Sheldon Brown)  6.    Melene, the Wise Utopian Maiden (Tova Brown)  7.    Captain Fitzbattleaxe (Mario Sengco)  8.    Mr. Goldbury (David Jedlinsky) primes the pump

9.    The King with the Flowers of Progress  A.    The King defies the Wise Men  B.    The King must embrace the debutantes  C.    The Royal Family and the Flowers of Progress

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