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by Sheldon "S-A" Brown and others
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Can I just have a bit more air in these tyres? by Geoff Husband

So what determines the 'ideal' tyre pressure?

The Bright Side of MS by Sheldon Brown

Multiple Sclerosis is a major inconvenience, but has its good points too!

"Thons" Reconsidered by Sheldon Brown

Are charity rides a good thing for cycling? I don't think so!

Fixed-gear Testimonials Coasting Is Bad!

Considering a fixed gear? Read testimonials from happy cyclists who've already become converts!

The Soul of a Pedicab Chauffeur by Carl Etnier

An essay on the life of a cyclist who lays it all on the line.

Cyclist Inferiority by John Forester

Attitude? Phobia? Complex? Superstition?

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Tandem Fiction by Tom Shaddox Tandem Whimsy

Short fiction and satire by Tom Shaddox, from the The [email protected] email list email list.

Audacious! by Tom Shaddox A classic Moulton takes on Paris-Brest-Paris

A fifteen chapter fictional short story written for the subscribers of the Moulton list.

Fiction by Tim McNamara Cycling on the Northern Frontier

Road and Track cycling among the Caribou in Minnesota.
Some of these stories were previously on the late, lamented, FixedGearFever site.

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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