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Kwan Seng Low's Component Weights:
Madison touring club:
Bronken crank pictures: hand crafted frames
very cool super lightweight
German carbon fiber saddle
Sugino cranks:
Yellow Jersey
Peregrine Bicycle Works (PBW) folding bikes -
Habanero ti frames - Lean Manufacturing info site wheel software MTB general interest MYB apparel custom fab

Bicycle Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic Drag of Streamlined Handlebars, Jim Martin
Aerodynamics of Bicycles, an introduction
Analytic Cycling, interactive performance predictions based on science
Bob Schwartz's Cheap Mylar Wheel Covers
HED's wheel chooser, including drag numbers.
Humphries aero wheel summary
Nimble Composite Wheels
Wheel stiffness, friction, aero measurements
Wheel aerodynamics - a collection of data
Aerodynamic Drag of Streamlined Handlebars, Jim Martin
Vision Tech wind tunnel results for 9 aero bars
XNG! Wind Tunnel Comparison of 33 road wheels
Zipp's take on bicycle aerodynamics

Bicycle Companies Velomax Wheel Systems
3Rensho frames
3ttt handlebars, stems
Aegis handmade carbon fiber bicycles
Aerospoke Wheel Performance Technology
AFH the fastest racing bicycle on the planet for mass start events!
ADA composite deep rim spoked wheels
Alex rims
alpha Q carbon forks
Alpina Raggi spokes
American Classic
Answer Products
Avocet cycling products
Batavus bikes, Netherlands
Bianchi Bicycles
Bilenky's Artistry in Steel - SPF aluminum monocoque
Brian Baylis hand made cycles
Bob Jackson Cycles USA -
Bob Jackson Cycles UK -
Bold Precision Bicycle Components
Bontrager Cycles, World Headquarters
Boone Technologies
Brew racing frames
Bruce Gordon road and touring bicycles
Buffalo Composite Designs
C4 Carbon fibre cycle frames (Dave Lloyd, UK)
Calfee Designs, gusseted carbon fiber road racing frames
Campagnolo - official site
Campagnolo Only! The UNofficial Campy website
Cat carbon bikes
Cat carbon bikes
Ceeway (
Cervelo, Candian aluminum aero bikes
Chris King, hubs, headsets, other components.
Colnago Ernesto & C. Srl
Co-Motion Cycles
Comp-Let Slovakian carbon frames Coombe Pro Pedal System
CORIMA - Accueil - Welcome
Courtney Custom Cycles
Cycip, handmade steel frames.
Cycle Dynamics Titanium Sprockets - Custom frame makers for the stars
DT Swiss Bicycle Technology
Dave's Wheels - Precision Bicyle Wheel Designers
Davidson Bicycles
da Vinci Designs
de MAYO VELOSYSTEMS custom made bikes
DeRosa racing frames
Dia-Compe Bicycle Components
Dynamic Composites - Canadian carbon
Eagle Sportschairs
Easton Bicycle Components
EDCO Swiss Bicycle Components
FALCON Accel Disc Wheel
Fuji Bikes
FSA Full Speed Ahead components
Gazelle bikes, Netherlands
German home built carbon frame construction
GoldTec Cycle Components
Greek Composite Bicycle
Habanero ti frames
Harry Havnoonian's H.H. Racing Group
HED aero wheels and drag numbers
Henry James lugs, crowns, tubing, jigs.
Hope Technology hubs, bbs, disc brakes
HOTTA composite frames
HOTTA composite frames at Pete's Bike Index
Hujsak custom frames
Ibis Cycles
ITM Italmanubri bars and stems
Jan Janssen bikes, Netherlands
Joe Young Wheels
K2 Bikes
Keywin Sports pedals
LandShark custom frames
Langhors, a composite recumbent tandem
LeMond Bikes
LOOK USA Bicycle Products.
LP Composite bicycle components
Lyonsport Cycles custom frames and stems
Magnesium Litech Kft. from Budapest, Hungary
Marinoni Racing Frames
Mark Lee Custom Frames
Marzocchi suspension forks
Matera wood bikes from Italy
Mercian Cycles
Millenium Cycle Frames - Paul Donohue Cycles...Cycle Manufacturers
Mongoose Bikes
Moon Cycles. Custom road, track and touring frames
Moots frames
Morati ti cranks and frames
Mostowy Cycles
Mrazek titanium
Nimble Composite Wheels
Nytex composite frames
Park Tool Co.
Peter Moore, Eclectic & Esoteric Parts for Sale
Peter White Cycles
Pfeiffer Pframes
Phil Wood & Co.
Pinarello racing frames
PMP bike titanium and ultralight components
Power Pedals
Principia aluminum bicycles from Denmark
Profile Design
Race Face - urethane suits - importers of sus bikes
Rex Cycles
Rivendell Bicycle Works
Robert Beckman Designs: touring stuff
Rock Lobster custom frames
Rock Shox
Rolf Bicycle Wheels
Rohloff chains, tools
Rosenthal Tandems
Royce components
Sachs Bicycle Components
Santana Cycles, Inc.
Sapim spokes, English language
Scapin Italian frames
Serfas saddles, tires, etc.
Serotta Competition Bicycles
Seven Cycles
Slingshot Bicycle Company
Softride frames
Solo Velo, fixed gear bicycles for road and track - Specialty Racing Products
Spanish composite bicycle wheel.
Specialized Bikes
Spectrum Cycles custom frames by Tom Kellog
Speedplay Pedals
Spicer 6061-T6 tig welded aluminum frames
SR SunTour Components
Steelman Frames
Strong Frames
Sun Rims home page
SuperBike II plastic head set bearings
Syntace USA
TerraCycle, Inc. Recumbent Bicycles
Terry Precision Bicycles for Women, Inc.
T.E.T. Cycles, Tom Teesdale
Thomson seat posts
Ti Cycles - Builders of the Best Bicycles on the Planet!
Timberwolf Convert your bike to carbon fiber
Time Sport USA
Titanium Sports Technologies is manufacturer for OEM Brand Distribution.
Titus Titanium
Tommasini top quality frames
Tom Piszkin - TitanFlex monocoque boom bike
Transtech Composite Mountain Bikes
Trek Bikes
TruVative - truly innovative parts
Tune hubs, saddles, other light parts - Tune Power Hub
Velocity Rims
Vision Tech time trial bars
Wheel Werks Jeff Kratka's custom wheel gig.
Wound Up composite cycling components
White Industries
XNG! Graphite Wheels
Waterford Precision Cycles
Wheels Manufacturing
Witt Bicycles - composite parts
Zinn Cycles
Zipp Speed Weaponry

Bicycle Magazines

Bicycle Racing Monthly, Southern California/Nevada
Bicycle Retailer and Industry News - Journalism for the Trade
BICYCLING magazine. The World's Largest Cycling Publication
Mountain Bike Magazine

Bicycle Racing

Bienvenido a la Vuelta Ciclista a España 1998
Bike Racing Nation Online - USCF mag
Bill's Cycle Racing Results and News Service
Chronicle of the hour record
Fiesta Island Bicycle Time Trial Series - Cycling info as it should be, German language racing mag.
Union Cycliste International (UCI) home page
United States Cycling Federation (USCF) Rules of Bicycle Racing

Bicycle Racing - Velodromes

Alkek Velodrome, Houston, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia's Dick Lane Velodrome
Blaine, Minnesota National Sports Center velodrome
Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome, Cooper City, Florida
Colorado Velodrome Association
Encino, California's Encino Velodrome
Indianapolis, Indiana's Major Taylor Velodrome
Kenosha, Wisconsin
LA 'Dromes. All about Los Angeles Velodromes.
Lehigh Valley Velodrome, Pennsylvania
Manchester Velodrome, England
Marymoor Velodrome, Redmond (Seattle), WA
Northbrook Velodrome, Illinois
Olympic Velodrome, California (current site)
Olympic Velodrome, California (old site)
San Diego Velodrome, California (current site)
San Diego Velodrome, California (old site)
Superdrome, Frisco, Texas (official site)
Superdrome, Frisco, Texas (unofficial site)
NCVA Northern California Velodrome Association

Bicycle Racing - Tour de France

le Tour de France: site officiel
Kinetikos Super Graph TM - Tour de France Overall Standings
VeloNews Tour De France coverage

Bicycle Shops

Bicycle Shops - Telephone Ordering

Alfred E. Bike:
Bicycle South, Decatur, GA.
Bicycle Sports, Louisiana. Lots of triathlon stuff
Business Cycles. Nice track section.
Bicycle Classics
Chain Reaction, Redwood City, California
Cycles DeOro - Classic Lightweight Bicycles
Lickton's bike shop, Illinois
Third Hand/Loose Screws tools and small parts
Tandems East
Young Originals custom clothing
Zach Kaplan Cycles

Bicycle Shops - Internet Ordering
very cool super lightweight goodies: (Mud Sweat & Gears)
Cambria Bicycle Outfitter
Chicagoland Bicycles. Lots of road stuff., Dedicated to the Bicycle Consumer
Gaerlan framebuilding supplies clothing
Harris Cyclery, Sheldon Brown, service manager
HPV supply, Prarie Designs.
Tandems, Limited - wheelgoods
Third Hand/Loose Screws tools and small parts

Bicycle Shops - Canada

GiroPoste, alternative european road cycling equipment.

Bicycle Shops - Wholesalers

GITA, importers of Italian frames and clothing
Quality Bicycle Products (wholesale only)
Wm. Lewis Imports Inc.

Bicycle Tech

AEGIS frame stiffness
Bicycle Science email list
BMD Holland - bicycle testing machines
Bicycle Steering Geometry
Bicycle Velocity Prediction
CAD Design and FEA Analysis of a Composite Bicycle Frame
CalPoly Single Track Vehicle Design class
Carbon fiber S-N curves
Carbon Fiber saddle repair by Scott Godfrey
Columbus Bicycle Frame Tubing
Dedacciai frame tubing
Dedacciai frame tubing at Bringheli's web site
EFBe Biketest: TOUR-Rahmentest. German mag fatigue tests 12 high-end racing frames. In German.
EFBe Biketest: TOUR-Frame test. German mag fatigue tests 12 high-end racing frames. In English.
EFBe home page. The German company EFBe tests bike parts.
Ergobike: Competition Bicycle Size/Proportions Analysis
Frame builders e-mail list
Lords of the Chainring:
Metallurgy for Cyclists By Scot Nicol
New Scientist Planet Science: Big gears are better
NTN America Bearings
Marchetti Bicycle Production Tools
McGill U. Bicycle Research and Testing
Microstructure and Processing of the Bicycle Spoke
Recumbent Cycle Component Design & Construction
Reynolds Bicycle Frame Tubing FAQ index
rbt FAQ 8.31 Vertical Frame Stiffness
rbt FAQ 8.45 Installing Cranks
rbt FAQ 8h.5 Shimmy or Speed Wobble
Rim data -
Rolling resistance, by Terry Morse
Scandium. Ashurst Technology Group
Spinergy Accident Reporter
Spoke Lengths Based Solely on Measurements
Tensile Tests of frame tubes.
Tim Paterek's page
Titanex titanium info
U. Maine M.E. students test AEGIS carbon frame
Velo Tech Forum
Wheel Pro spoke calculator

Bicycle Tires

Avocet cycling products
Clement Tires
Continental Tires
IRC tires -
Michelin Bicycle Tires
Panaracer tires
Schwalbe tires
Specialized road tires
Stiffness FEA on frame tubing -
Torelli tires
Vittoria tires
Vittoria instructions on tubular mounting
VREDESTEIN Bicycle Tires Home Page

Bicycle Wheels

Velomax Wheel Systems
Spocalc, by Damon Rinard. An Excel spoke length calculator
ADA composite deep rim spoked wheels
Aerospoke Wheel Performance Technology
Alex rims
Alpina Raggi spokes
Bob Schwartz's Cheap Mylar Wheel Covers
Campagnolo - official site
Cat carbon bikes
Cat carbon bikes
Chris King, hubs, headsets, other components.
DT Swiss Bicycle Technology
Dave's Wheels - Precision Bicyle Wheel Designers
da Vinci Designs
EDCO Swiss Bicycle Components
Falcon disc wheels
François Grignon's Wheel stiffness, friction, aero measurements
GoldTec Cycle Components
HED's wheel chooser, including drag numbers.
Hope Technology hubs, bbs, disc brakes
Humphries aero wheel summary
Jetset rims
Joe Young Wheels
Lew Graphite Wheels
Nimble Composite Wheels
Microstructure and Processing of the Bicycle Spoke
Phil Wood & Co.
Rigida rims
Rolf Bicycle Wheels
Sapim spokes, English language
Spanish composite bicycle wheel.
Spinergy Accident Reporter
Spocalc, by Damon Rinard. An Excel spoke length calculator.
Spoke Lengths Based Solely on Measurements
SR SunTour Components
Sun Rims home page
Tour magazine ten wheel test
TruVative - truly innovative parts
Tune light parts Tune hubs, saddles, other light parts
Tune power hub - Tune Power Hub
Velocity Rims
Wheel aerodynamics - a collection of data
Wheel Werks Jeff Kratka's custom wheel gig.
White Industries
XNG! Graphite Wheels
XNG! Wind Tunnel Comparison of 33 road wheels

Bicycles - misc.

Avery Burdett's Helmet FAQ
Bicycle Crank Length: A Formula
Bicycle Research tools - Cue Sheets, Touring, Freebies, Pete's Bike Index
BikeColorado Cycling Links
Bike Rod and Kustom, a stylist's and painter's dream
California Vehicle Code
CICLISMO EN ESPAÑA -- Cycling in Spain
Cyberider Cycling WWW Site
Cycle Swapper. The premier site for cycling products CYBER CYCLERY: Internet Bicycling Hub
Cycling Page, The
De Feet socks and more
Fixed Innovations (and FixMeUp!)
Jens Leuder's Cycling Pics
Joshua Putnam's Bicycle Pages
Louis Garneau
Mt. Airy Bicycles the National Bicycle Greenway in Action!
MTB, a consumer review site
Peugeot PX10 database
rec.bicycles.* Archives and FAQ
Recycled Saddles: new cover on your old base.
Rick Denny's Stuff
Rocket7 custom cycling shoes
Roger Marquis' Cycling Page
S&S Machine torque couplings
San Diego Weather
Scott's Carpe Diem carbon adventures (Australia)
Skoop Bike.
SheCycling Places to Visit from Jessica Mosher
Sock Guy
Tom Ace's "3 leading, 3 trailing" spoke pattern
Troxel Helmets
Windcheetah recumbent tricycle
VeloEmail Free email addresses for cyclists.
Vintage velos, traders of fine, vintage European racing bikes and parts
World Cycling Productions. Videos, jerseys.
Yahoo's list of cycling companies of all kinds
Edward Zimmermann's Cycling Resources

Non-bicycle links

Advanced Composites

Advanced Composites, makers of Wound Up MTB bars and carbon road forks.
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, composite sales
Advanced Composite Fabrics - a family business selling seconds and overruns - tubular fiber preforms
Team Ariane: competition model airplanes
Cape Composites
Carbon Fiber Data Sheet
CenBASE/Materials on WWW
Composites Connection, The. Catalog of composite parts from Scion Industries.
Composite Materials Homepage
Composite Materials, Inc. advanced composite materials
Composite Materials - Welcome from The Mining Company. General info.
Composite Solutions
Composite Structures Technology Home Page
COMPOSITES CORNER, The. Maintained by the Turner Moss Company
Composites Registry, The - composites
Do It Yourself Guide to Polyester Plug and Mold Building
Durability, Inc.
E Zone, The - Virtual Home of Electric Flight
ETS - supporting environmentally friendly composite fabrication
Fiberglass World - Main Menu
GE Plastics
Graphite Guitar Acoustics 101
Mold Construction Techniques from Dangerous Dave
National Fiberglass Sales
Owens-Corning: Hand Lay-Up
Pultech Pultrusions 1997 Inc.
Rot Doctor - epoxies for wooden boats
SAMPE:San Diego Chapter Home Page
Shapiro metal
Soundown Corporation
Teklam Corp - Providing the Industry with Laminated Products
US Composites, Inc.
Vacuum bagging how-to: RC plane wings.
Vectran fiber
Wicks Aircraft Supply - World Shop - English
World Wide Composites (WWC) Search Engine

Advanced Composites - Composite Boats
Bateau boats: epoxy and fiberglass basics, the boatbuilding community
Building a Cherub in Foam Sandwich
Gelcoat Repair Techniques
mast building for beginners
MacNaughtonGroup (boat stuff)
RHH foam - Marine Floatation Bulletin

Advanced Composites - Resins

Epoxy Systems, Inc. High Temperature Epoxy
Gougeon Brothers, Inc., makers of West System and ProSet epoxies.
Polymers.Com Home Page
Raka Marine Boatbuilding Epoxy & Fiberglass
Rubber Toughened Epoxy and Epoxy/Polyimide Matrix Resins
Superior Polymer Products custom formulater adhesives sealants coatings
System Three epoxies
TFT Marine Epoxies (PPI)

Advanced Composites - Composite car stuff

Advanced Composites Engineering: Auto Racing, Aerospace, Motorcycles
Carbon Fiber Panel Fabrication, By Bryan Feldman
Imoto's composite tech section
Lola's Composites Manufacturing Facility
The McLaren F1 Resource
Tri Magnum kit car -
Robert Q. Riley Enterprises One-Off Composite Car Construction


Aerodynamics In Car Racing
AeroLink Home Page
AeroLogic - aero software
Airfoil Bibliography - L. Lazauskas
Airfoil Lifting Force Misconception in K-6 Textbooks
Airfoils - L. Lazauskas
Desktop Aero's Applied Aerodynamics
The Aviation Directory - The "aviation only" search engine.
E Zone, The - Virtual Home of Electric Flight
Glasair GlaStar Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft
Hanley Innovations Airfoil Browser, a UIUC Airfoil Database Utility
Hanley Innovations VisualFoil Airfoil Analysis for Kit Planes, Homebuilt Airplanes, Model Airplanes
UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group
UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database


Autodesk - makers of AutoCAD
CADInfo.Net - Automated Design, Documentation and Visualization
Canyon Software Home Page
DesignView Download
DotSoft CAD software
Dr. DWG Home Page
Engineering Animation, Inc.
MyriadX DWG: View DWG and DXF drawings on the Internet/Intranet for free
The SoftSource Files: CAD stuff


Glossary of HTML tags by C. Robert Stevens
Guide to Formatting a Hard Drive
WINDOWS Magazine 2,001+ Tips - Winter 1999

Computers - Programs I've Downloaded

Airfoil Plotter
Autodesk - AutoCAD Internet Utilities 3.1
Autodesk - WHIP! Home Page
BMPToGIF - convert bitmaps to GIF
Download Free FTP Programs
XchangeWorks. Import part files into AutoCAD.

Computers - Utilities

AltaVista: Translations
AnyWho: Find Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, Address - web site search utility
Conversion Factors
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
US Patent Office searchable database
IBM Patent Server Home Page

Patents - Some interesting patents:

Aegis composite frame, Pat. No. 4,828,781
Cane Creek hub adjustment, Pat. No. 5,597,242
Cannondale's Raven composite frame, Pat. No. 5,791,673
GT's thermoplastic MTB frames, Pat. No. 5,876,054
Jiri Krampera's offset rim, Pat. No. 5,228,756
Kestrel composite fork, Pat. No. 5,016,895
Kestrel composite frame, Pat. No. 4,850,607
Rolf Wheels Pat. No. 5,445,439
Shimano's hub with nipples at the flange, Pat. No. 5,882,088
Trek Y Foil composite frame, Pat. No. D398,266
Velomax wheels, Pat. No. 5,487,592


SDSU: San Diego State University
SDSU Mechanical Engineering home page
ME350, Thermodynamics I, Index.
Dr. Bhattacharjee's Unit Converter Applet
Dr. James S. Burns' home page
LabView evaluation software at National Instruments web site
Build a pop-pop boat.
TEST, The Expert System for Thermodynamics

American Society for Testing and Materials Welcome to ASTM
California Department of Motor Vehicles
How Stuff Works
ISO, International Organization for Standardization
Kelley Blue Book
Mailsender: FREE web-based Email
MatWeb, the FREE online materials information resource
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary and Thesaurus
Metal Web News
A little slice of Heaven we call The NeverhoOd.
Nick and Natasha Rinard's Home Page
Periodic Table of Elements
Personal Touch, single quantity decals
ShopTask benchtop machining centers
SKF Group - bearings
Strain gauges and precision strain measurements
TekLok USA
WHOIS (web interface)
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