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One of the best sources for information on the internet is the Usenet Newsgroups. For information on bicycling, there are (n) groups covering various aspects of bicycles an cycling.
Note, depending on the name or your Internet Service Provider's news server machine, these hotlinks may or may not work on your system. Techniques of engineering, construction, maintenance and repair of bicycles and ancillary equipment. Not for products or services offered or wanted -- see rec.bicycles.marketplace.
rec.bicycles.misc General riding techniques, rider physiology, injuries and treatment, diets, and other cycling topics. Discussion of riding on unimproved roads, gravel, dirt, grass, sand, single track or 4x4 roads. Also discussion of environmental issues, trail issues, backcountry travel, how to handle conditions (technically and evo-sensitively), off-road magazines and other media.
rec.bicycles.soc Social issues, cycling transportation advocacy, laws, conduct of riders and drivers; road hazards such as potholes, dogs, and sociopaths. Helmet Wars.
rec.bicycles.marketplace Bicycles, components, ancillary equipment and services wanted or for sale, reviews of such things, places to buy them, and evaluations of these sources. Not for discussion of general engineering, maintenance, or repair -- see Race results, racing techniques, rules, and organizations. Not racing equipment -- see rec.bicycles.marketplace or
rec.bicycles.rides Discussions of tours and training or commuting routes. Not for disussion of general riding techniques -- see rec.bicycles.misc.
rec.bicycles Do not use this newsgroup - it should have been dropped from news servers, having been replaced by rec.bicycles.misc.
alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent Discussion of recumbent bikes.
aus.bicycle Cycling issues in Australia
ba.bicycles Cycling issues in the Bay Area of California
ba.transportation Transportation issues in the Bay Area of California
dc.biking Cycling issues in the District of Columbia
saar.lists.hpv Only techincally a newsgroup, this is a re-posting of the traffic from the HPV mailing list. So far, the only French-language cycling newsgroup. Cycling issues in the Japan (in Japanese)
uk.rec.cycling Cycling issues in the U.K.
rec.crafts.metalworking Not a bicycling-specific group, but sometimes has relevant threads.
DejaNews Bicycles FAQ (archive)

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Netiquette (link)


No public scolding of newbie goofs.

No public correction of spelling/typos

(exception for Web sites!)

no ee cummings

bike a rules, bike b sucks

questions OK

Cross posting




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unsubstantiated newby opinions are flame bait.



The issues of whether or not to wear a helmet, or whether or not helmet use should be mandatory have a very long history on rec.bicycles.* and other related internet fora. Everything that could possibly be said on these topics has already been said, but some posters never tire of flaming away in The Great Helmet War (I could not even find an archive here but try - Harriet) The newsgroup rec.bicyces.soc is the only appropriate place for this topic, where those who like that sort of thing can blast back and forth at one another the same old tired arguments. In all of the other newsgroups (and mailing lists) it is extremely bad form to raise this issue, most long-time users have heard this all before and are sick of it.

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