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Fixed Gear and Singlespeed Wheels

622 mm

700C - 28/29 inch

630 mm

(27 inch)

590 mm

(26 x 1-3/8)

Fixed-Gear Central  |  Singlespeed Central

Fixed-Gear or Singlespeed?

"Fixed Gear" means a one-speed bike where the pedals move whenever the bike moves. You can't coast on a fixed gear, but it has real advantages. For lots more information about fixed gears, click here. We generally use the term "singlespeed" to refer to a one-speed bike with a freewheel, that is a bike that can coast without the pedals moving. For lots more information about singlespeed "coasties" click here. The wheels shown on this page have three different types of hubs:

Hub Spacing and Chainline



The "spacing" refers to the space between the fork ends. Different frames have different spacing in back, anywhere from 110 mm to 135 mm or more. The width of the hub (usually measured from the outer faces of the locknuts) needs to match the frame spacing.

Most of the hubs we sell can be modified to fit wider spacings by adding spacer washers between the cones and locknuts. It is also possible in many cases to adjust the spacing of the frame itself. See my Frame Spacing Article for details.

In general, mountain bikes will have 135 mm spacing, "road bikes 120 to 130, depending on their age, and track bikes 110 to 120 depending on their age. If in doubt, you should measure:


This frame has a spacing of 125 mm

The spacing of a hub is measured from the outside faces of the cone locknuts, where they come into contact with the frame's fork ends. (Most cartridge-bearing type hubs don't have locknuts, so the spacing is measured from the equivalent shoulder surface of the axle ends.) The spacing dimension is commonly referred to as the "O.L.D." (Over-Lock-nut Distance)


The chainline is the horizontal distance from the centerline of the frame to the centerline of the chain. One of the major advantages of singlespeed and fixed gear bikes, as opposed to bikes with derailer gearing, is that the chainline is straight. This makes for a more efficient drive train (less friction, better power transmission.)

To ensure good chainline, you need to make the front chainline (distance from frame center to the center of the chainring teeth) match the rear chainline (hub center to the center of the sprocket.) Generally you would want to get this within a millimeter or maybe two of the same front and rear.

For details, see my article on Chainline.

If you're using a "road" or "track" type frame, you are best off with a typical "track" chainline of about 42 mm. Most of the "track" hubs we feature will give a chainline in that vicinity.

If you're using a "mountain" type frame, however, 42 mm chainline usually won't work, because most mountain bikes have wider chain stays, so you generally can't fit a reasonable sized chainring that close in. For that reason, singlespeed "mountain" bikes usually use a 52 mm chainline, or in some cases, 47 mm.


Stock Fixed-Gear Wheel Sets, 700C Road Sizes (42 mm chainline. unless otherwise indicated):

In addition to custom wheels, we offer stock wheels, machine-built by our supplier:

Wheel Sets (Front and Rear):

DESCRIPTIONBlack Formula/Mavic CXP22 wheel set
WE915 $225.95 buy button

Excellent value high-performance wheel set.

  • Black Formula/Origin8 high flange fixed/free hubs
  • Black Mavic CXP22 Semi-æro rims
  • Black DT stainless steel spokes.
  • 120 mm spacing, but long axles that can be built up to 126 or 130 by adding spacers.

Lock ring not included. Dura-Ace lockring buy button


Silver Formula/Mavic CXP22 wheel set
WE917 $209.95 buy button

As above, but with Silver hubs, spokes and rims.

Lock ring not included.


Individual Wheels with Mavic Open Sport Rims & Origin8 Hubs:


Rear WE901 36 spoke $105.95  buy button

These use the Origin8 (Formula) fixed/freewheel hub (silver only),
6 DT Champion stainless spokes and Mavic Open Sport rim.

Front WE903 36 spoke $105.95 buy button

Front wheel, Formula 36 hole track hub, Open Sport rim, mate to fixed wheel listed above.

Harris Cyclery Hand-Built Wheels

Custom Wheels with White Industries ENO Eccentric Hub

White Industries ENO eccentric hubs are beautifully finished, with silky smooth sealed cartridge bearings. Double sided, splined fixed/free rear hub in your choice of spacing, with a 47 mm chainline; 32 or holes.

The unique White Industries hubs have special eccentric titanium axle ends that allow the hub to move up to 15 mm so you can use them on a bike with vertical dropouts. Hubs are flip-flop, fixed/free, held by Allen bolts.

These hand-built wheels are light, strong and durable.

This wheel is available with either Mavic Open Pro, Open Sport or Velocity Dyad rims.

Click here to configure your wheel.



27 inch (630 mm) Fixed-Gear Wheels (Machine-built By Our Supplier)

These use the excellent Formula Sealed Cartridge Hub, DT stainless straight-gauge spokes and Sun or Weinmann aluminum alloy rim.

WE272 27" Sun CR-18 Rim, Formula Fixed/Free Hub,36 Stainless Spokes $105.95 buy button

CR18formulaThe Sun CR-18 is a sturdy double-wall rim with eyelets, 22.5 mm wide (18.5 mm interior width.)

Lock ring not included in price (Dura-Ace lockring buy buttonadditional)

This wheel features the super-smooth Origin8/Formula sealed cartridge bearing hub.

WE270 Matching Front wheel: 27" Sun CR-18 Rim, Formula Front Hub, 36 Stainless Spokes $99.95 buy button

This wheel features the super-smooth Origin8/Formula sealed cartridge bearing front track hub.

Spoke Divider


Price Drop! WE274 27 inch Weinmann RM19 Rim, Formula Sealed Cartridge Fixed/FreeHub, 32 Stainless Spokes $99.95 $79.95 buy button

The Weinmann RM19 is a single-wall rim with no eyelets, 25 mm wide (19 mm interior width.)

Lock ring not included in price. Dura-Ace lockring buy button

This wheel features the super-smooth Origin8/Formula sealed cartridge bearing hub.

Price Drop! WE273 Matching Front wheel: 27 inch RM19 Rim, Formula Sealed Cartridge Hub, 32 Stainless Spokes $79.95 $74.95 buy button

This wheel features the super-smooth Origin8/Formula sealed cartridge bearing front track hub.



26x1-3/8 inch (590 mm)Fixed-Gear Wheel

WE361 Rear Wheel: 26x1-3/8" Sun CR18 Rim, Formula Double-Fixed Hub, 36 Stainless Spokes $79.95 buy button

Are you ready to convert your old Raleigh 3 Speed into a fixie or singlespeed?

This wheel features the versatile Origin8/Formula double-fixed hub that will accept a single freewheel or track cog on either side.

Sealed cartridge bearings. Silver rim and hub.

Hand-built by our supplier.

WE364 Front Wheel: 26x1-3/8" Sun CR18 Rim, Alloy Hub, 36 Stainless Spokes $64.95 buy button

  • This wheel will only fit forks with standard 100mm width.
  • Front wheel to match WE361 above.
  • Generic alloy, small flanged hub with 5/16" axle.
  • Loose ball bearing, cup and cone type.
  • Hand-built by our supplier.

  • Spoke Divider


    Stock Singlespeed Wheels

    Singlespeed Wheels 622mm (700C Road-bike size):

    WE503 700C Sun CR18 Rim, Singlespeed Coaster Brake Hub
    36 Stainless Spokes $84.95 buy button

    We've had requests for a 700C coaster brake wheel. Here it is!

    We will re-space this wheel for a small upcharge. Click cart button for details.

    Singlespeed Wheels 630mm (27" Road-bike size):

    WE260 27 inch Sun CR-18 Rim, Singlespeed Coaster Brake Hub
    36 Stainless Spokes $74.95 buy button

    Got an old 27" wheeled bike? Singlespeed curious?

    Try this 27" singlespeed real wheel w/coaster brake on the cheap.


    For 27 inch or 700c fixed-gear wheels, see the Wheels section or our Fixed-Gear Central page (fixed/track hubs also work perfectly well with singlespeed freewheels!)

    ALso, don't forget the Freewheels and sprockets. We can help you decide what gear combinations to start with. Call or e-mail us!


    Custom Wheelbuilding

    Wheels hand-built by Harris Cyclery

    We build custom wheels, with care and attention to detail. Standard charges:

    Wheelbuild Labor buy button

    We will re-use your old hubs if you wish, but will not use used spokes nor rims.

    If you bring in existing wheels to be rebuilt, add $10 per wheel for cutting the old spokes, cleaning and prepping your hub.


    Why should you want a one-speed bicycle
    that won't let you coast?
    Read all about it!


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