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by Sheldon "Touriste" Brown and others
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Oh, my ways are strange ways and new ways and old ways,
And deep ways and steep ways and high ways and low,
I'm at home and at ease on a track that I know not,
And restless and lost on a road that I know.

--Henry Lawson, Australian poet.

Cycling in France Lots of Links.

This page is a clearinghouse for information, on this site and elsewhere on the Web, about cycling in France.

Planning your European Bicycle Tour by Charles Hansen

This is a modified form of the syllabus for a course Charles Hansen taught at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Edited and HTMLed by Sheldon Brown.

Leather Saddles Many serious cycletourists prefer traditional leather saddles.

"Revolutionary" saddle designs come onto the market every year, and these new technologies have much to offer for many riders. Nevertheless, many others may be best served by a technology that has not changed substantially in this century, the tensioned leather saddle.

Québec Je me souviens.

The province of Québec, Canada, is one of our favorite cycling destinations.

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Bicycling and Pain Where does it hurt?

Riding a bike isn't supposed to be a painful experience.
Click on the body part that hurts for advice on easing the pain!

Roger Gravel's Hospitality Links Need a place to stay? Cliquez ici!

Links to lists of people offering hospitality to cycletourists.

Travel with Bicycles By George Farnsworth

Air/Rail/Other...packing, shipping, rental other information for the traveling cyclist.

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary For all cyclists

An encyclopedic listing of bicycle lore, technical data and opinions.

Bicycle Touring Links

Adventure Cycling

Cyclists' Touring Club

Hostelling International

New! directory

Trento Bike Pages

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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