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The Raleigh Super Course Series

Throughout the Bike Boom era, the Super Course was the least expensive Raleigh model to feature aluminum rims. It was also the least expensive model to use standard British tread dimensions, rather than the Raleigh proprietary threading used on bikes built at the Nottingham factory.

These are quite nice bikes, often suitable for upgrading to modern parts.

The main triangle of the frame was straight-gauge Reynolds 531.

From the 1968 catalogue:

1969 Raleigh Super-Course

From the 1970 catalogue:

1970 Raleigh Suoer-Course

From the 1976 catalog:

1976 Raleigh Super-Course

From the 1977 catalog:

1976 Raleigh Professional


Tom Forhan's Periodic Table of the Raleigh Super Course