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Snap-On hat

I find that I sleep much better with a hat. I wear it down low so it covers my eyes and the top of my nose, keeping my hair-challenged head warm, and allowing me to sleep even when there's light in the room.

This one advertises Snap-On tools, an old vice [sic] of mine. I got some email about this:

Having passed fifty, I resigned myself to a poor night's sleep. Cruising your website for bicycle stuff, I happened across the hats page. Remembering old pictures of folks in "nightcaps" I thought you might be on to something, so I gave it a try. I now sleep like a baby. I may wake up once for a trip down the hall, then it's right back to sleep. No hours of tossing and turning. Week ends I can sleep 9 hours when it used to be 6. If everyone slept wearing a hat, there would be no war or disease. Of course, I won't tell anyone about it.


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