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My Motobécane Grand Record
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Sheldon Brown photo
by Sheldon "Not Quite Tall Enough" Brown
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Motobecane Grand Record
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I couldn't resist this bike when I found it at a yard sale. Unfortunately, it's a bit too tall for me, so I wound up selling it.

It has a 25 inch frame (63 cm center-to-top; 61.5 mm center-to-center)
With a 23 1/4" (59 cm) top tube.

This is a lovely mid-70s sport touring 10 speed, of unusually high quality. It features:

*These items were not on the bike when the photgraph was taken. The Philipe stem is rather longer than the SR stem shown, which I put on in an attempt to make the bike fit me a bit better.

The paint is in quite good condition, but the Reynolds decals are in poor shape. This bike appears to be a quite low-mileage machine, despite its age. When I bought it, it was covered with dust, but everything was in good mechanical condition.

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