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I have tinkered around with lots of computer equipment over the years, ranging from DEC PDP-11s and VAXes, through Apple IIs, 8086 PCs, then 68*** Macs, later PPC macs, but this is the first computer I've not had to share with anyone.

It's a Blueberry iBook, with 128 mb of memory and an Airport card so it can connect wirelessly with networks. I've got a base station at the shop and another at home, so I can connect with the Internet both places (telephone line at the shop, cable modem at home.)

I've dipped into the Dark Side, and use a Microsoft optical mouse much of the time.

The software I use most is Eudora Pro for email, and Netscape for the Web and Usenet access.

I build and maintain my various Websites with a freeware program called HTML/edit. I like this program a lot, not just because the price was right. It is based on Hypercard, and it creates a separate "card" for each page. Since all of the pages for a given site are in memory, it allows me to do global search/replace operations, and makes it easier to create internal links.

HTML/edit is basically a text editor with a number of useful HTML macros. I work in the raw HTML, but can click on a button to view the page in my browser whenever I want to. This gives the ease of WYSIWYG with the compactness and precision of pure HTML.

The other major piece of software I use is Adobe Photoshop 5.5. I just love working with this, and it has kept me out of my darkroom for quite a while now.

The 3 mb hard drive in the iBook gets a bit cramped, so I've also got an additional 12 MB USB hard disc and a Sony Spressa CD writer for backups and the like.

Our home LAN includes an Epson 1200 scanner which I used to use a lot, before I got my Coolpix digital camera


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