Sheldon Brown's Sony Clié NZ90 PDA


This is sooo cool! My Handspring Visor Prism was getting pretty beat up, been dropped one or two times too often, and how held together in a couple of places by tape. The screen was sometimes reluctant to accept input. Time for an upgrade!

At the moment, the Clié is the state-of-the-art in PDAs. It's got a high resolution color screen half again the size of the Handspring, and with twice the resolution. Also includes a voice recorder, 2 megapixel camera with flash, MPEG movie recorder and MP3 player.

It accepts both Sony's Memory Stick and Compact Flash cards. Unfortunately, it can't access both at the same time. If I had realized this, I wouldn't have bought the 256 mb Memory Stick, since I later got a 512 mb Compact Flash card for less money.

Actually, though, the Memory Stick is useful, because I also got a WiFi card that fits in the Compact Flash slot, so it's good to have the MS for storage when I'm using the Web browser. (It connects to my AirPort.) I have the NetFront Web browser, which is pretty amazing for such a small device. It is also theoretically capable of handling email, but my emiail volume is too high to make this practical. At some later date I may set this up with a separate email address, but I really don't have a great need for that feature.

I don't know how I ever functioned without a PDA, it is soooo useful! Here's some of what I use it for:

Software I use:

Acid SolitaireBookwormBounce OutBubbletScrabbleScrabble, 'nuf said.
AcidImageThis is the software that lets me view my photographs, either individually or as slide shows.
BankBook4Very slick checkbook management program.
EruWare CF UtilitySony's bult-in software doesn't support Compact Flash cards, but this add-on does.
HandyshopperThis nifty shopping cart software is a big time saver, organizing my shopping list by the aisles of my favorite supermarket, so there's no backtracking.
PlanetariumAstronomy software
Tide ToolTide calender application.
PowerOneScientific calculator
PowerRunThis is a utility that lets the Clié run applications from the storage card, freeing up main memory, which is rather scanty on this model.
TrueTermFrench/English dictionary. Not as useful as I had hoped, most words that I don't know arent listed. Good for a beginning French speaker though.
WordSmithWord processor
Document Readers
iSiloPretty good reader, works with iSiloX which allows conversion of Web pages and other documents into compatible files.
MobipocketNice reader, lets me set preferred colors. This is the only reader that works with the SciFi books I download from Baen.
PalmReader ProVery nice reader, only option for Palm Press (formerly Peanut press) eBooks.
TealDocHaven't found this particularly useful
BejeweledI'm seriously addicted to this
The best solitaire software I've found
A boggle-like game
I'm seriously addicted to this
Somwhat Tetris-like
DartzSurprisingly lifelike darts simulator
MahjonggTile matching game, similar to Shanghai
RicochetBreakout-type game, excellent graphics
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