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I See You
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The Ultimate in Bicycle Safety

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A Complete Safety Flag System for Bicycle Riders of All Ages.

  • A combination waist pack and safety flag system is now available for bicycle riders of all ages that Saves Lives during the daylight as well as at night.
  • This patented safety flag system provides the convenience of a waist pack to carry wallet and watch/spare tube and tools for emergency road repairs.
  • In the U.S.A. the highly visible White or Orange flag positions to the left; in Britain, Bermuda, South Africa and Japan to the right. For ease of dismounting the flag stows in the vertical position.
  • Worn by Children and Adults with their Snell (®) Approved Helmet for maximum safety, fun and fitness.
  • Brilliant night time reflection from the 3M ® reflective strip and the LED flashing lights provide a safety zone between motor vehicles and the cyclist.
  • Sends a subliminal message to motorist.
  • Customized flags available for bicycle clubs and Bicycle Shops
  • Endorsed by President, Charles River Wheelmen bicycle club and Chairman, Cambridge Bicycle Commitee, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Two sizes: The Biker and The Biker Junior with a unique One Size Fits All belt.

Made in the U.S.A.
Satisfaction or your money back guarantee.
See brochure or Order Now for Safety, Fun and Fitness.

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Former L.A.W. President Ralph Galen, Inventor of the I See You (Not I.C.U.) safety device, has written a book about his travels:
2 Wheels, 2 Years, & 3 Continents
Experience the joy of bicycle touring with Ralph as he visits thirteen countries and Egypt twice on his converted Globetrotter tandem bicycle with tent, sleeping bab and one-burner cook stove. Complete the adventure by following him across the continental United Stages with the League of American Bicyclists from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.

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