Bicycle Touring in France
from Cook's GUIDE TO PARIS, 1908
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(a) London, Dover, Calais, Boulogne, Montreuil, Abbeville, Beauvais, Meru, Gennevilliers, Paris.
Distance: London to Calais, 103 miles; Calais to Paris, 176 miles.
(b) London, Folkestone, Boulogne, Montreuil, Abbeville, Beauvais, Meru, Paris.
Distance: London to Boulogne, 104 miles; Boulogne to Paris, 154 miles.
(c) London, Newhave, Dieppe, Rouen, Vernon, Mantes, St. Germain-en-Laye, Paris.
Distance: London to Dieppe, 121 miles; Dieppe to Paris, 116 miles.
(d) London, Southampton, Havre, Rouen, Mantes, St. Germain-en-Laye, Paris.
Distance: London to Havre, 198 miles; Havre to Paris, 134 miles.
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Bicycles and tricycles are kept for hire at several establishments on the right side of the Avenue de la Grande Armée.

Cycle races are held in several places, chiefly the Vélodrome de la Seine, at Levallois; the Vélodrome of the Bois de Vincennes; the Vélodrome du Parc des Princes, near Auteuil; Vélodrome Buffalo, Neuilly-sur-Seine; Vélodrome d'Hiver, Champ de Mars (Galerie des Machines).

Cycling maps may be obtained at either of THOMAS COOK & SON'S Offices, 1, Place de l'Opéra and 250, Rue de Rivoli.

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On entering France duty on Cycles is charged by the French Customs at the rate of 55 fr. per 25 kilos, say about 30 fr. per bicycle or 1 fr. per lb., but the amount will be refunded when leaving France on presentation of the receipt given on entering the country. A "consignation" must be demanded, and given up at the frontier on leaving France. Cyclists belonging to the C.T.C., the French Touring Club, or the Union Vélocipédique de France, or holding a Return Ticket, will not be charged duty on production of their membership tickets (in the case of the C.T.C. a special Customs Ticket is supplied); but passengers must apply immediately on entering France for a "constat d'entrée," on payment of 60 c., which "constat d'entrée" will be valid for three months. The holder is exempt from payment of the Cycle Tax during that period, but persons remaining over three months will be required to pay duty and cycle tax (3 fr.).

On French Railways Cycles are accepted as passengers' luggage. Transport of Cycles by Grande Vitesse is charged at 28 c. per 1,000 kilogrammes per kilometre. Annual Cycle Tax, 3 fr., which is not claimed from cyclists merely passing through the country, or making a short cycling tour. For riding in France every Cycle must be provided with a plate containing the name and address of the owner, which may be obtained from cycle firms in any of the large towns in England. Price, 1s. 6d.

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The following are the charges for the conveyance of bicycles at owner's risk from London, etc., to various Continental ports (Tandems and Tricycles are generally charged double rates):

Each bicycle must bear a label with the name and destination of owner. The Baggage Insurance advertised by THOS. COOK & SON includes insurance of Cycles against loss.

N.B.---On entering countries where the duty is claimed, to be afterwards refunded on leaving, care must be taken to present a written declaration of intention to reclaim the duty, otherwise it will not be refunded.

Bicycles and Tricycles can now be registered in towns in France served by the Nord, P. L. M., Orléans, and Midi Railways, via Calais. They are treated as ordinary luggage, but are subject to extra charges, as follows:---Bicycles 5s.; Tricycles or Tandem Bicycles, 10s.

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  1. Cyclists using the public roads are subject to the following regulations:---
  2. Every cycle must be provided with a bell or other warning apparatus powerful enough to be heard at 50 metres (about 55 yards), sounding it as often as necessary. At dusk a lighted lamp must be carried attached to the front part of the cycle.
  3. Every cycle must be provided with a plate containing the name and address of the owner, as well as the registration number, in the case of the owner being a cycle lender.
  4. Cyclists must adopt a moderate pace when passing through streets, crossways or turnings. (In Paris, even in the least populous quarters, a rate of 16 kilometres an hour is considered excessive.) They are not allowed to ride in groups or to congregate in the street. Passing (whilst riding) through processions, escorts and military bodies on the march is also prohibited. In the case of an obstruction cyclists have to alight, and wheel their machines along.
  5. Cyclists must keep to the right when meeting carriages, horses, or cyclists; and keep to the left if they want to overtake them; in the latter case they must warn the driver or rider by sounding their bells or other warning apparatus, at the same time moderating their pace. Drivers and riders have to keep to the right at the approach of a cyclist, in such a manner as to allow him a clear space of 1 1/2 metres (nearly 5 feet). (In passing a cyclist or vehicle going in the same direction drivers or riders must keep to the left.) Cyclist must stop if at their approach a horse becomes frightened.
  6. Cyclists are not allowed to ride on the footpath or on by-ways intended for pedestrians. This clause does not refer to cyclists wheeling their machines along. However, outside towns and streets cyclists may ride on footpaths or on pathways intended for pedestrians, along routes and pavements or roads under repair. On all footpaths and by-ways intended for pedestrians over which cyclists are allowed to ride they must adopt a moderate pace when meeting pedestrians, and reduce their speed to a walking pace when approaching isolated habitations.
  7. By municipal orders, cyclists may be permanently or temporarily forbidden from using the whole or part of a (certain) public road. Notices announcing such an order will be put up at the two extremities of the road or space closed to the traffic.
  8. Cyclists riding on public roads who do not adhere to the rule laid down in the above 3d article will have their machines impounded, unless they are able to identify themselves.

The address of the Touring Club de France is 65, Avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris.

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Full particulars of Cook's Independent Cycling Tours in France will be found in the firm's Special Programmes, which can be obtained at any of their Offices in Great Britain or on the Continent .

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I want to hire a bicycle Je désire louer une bicyclette
By the week, day, hour Par semaine, par jour, par heure
I have had an accident Il m'est venu un accident
How long will it take to repair this machine? Combien de temps faudra-t-il pour réparer cette machine?
The tyres want inflating: I've lost the pump Les pneumatiques ont besoin d'être gonflés: j'ai perdu la pompe
Could you lend me a screw-driver? Pourriez-vous me prêter un tourne-vis?
Frame, handle-bar, saddle, mud guard, spoke Cadre, guidon, selle, garde-crotte, rayon
Fork, pedals, foot-rests, gear-case Fourche, pédales, repose-pieds, garde-chaine
My bicycle wants oiling Ma bicyclette demande à être huilée

Sheldon Brown's English / French Dictionary

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