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These pages linked below are intended as a quick reference primarily for the benefit of folks in the bicycle business. The individual pages are designed to be printer friendly in case you would like to keep them handy. Feel free to print them out, but please don't reproduce them without proper credit and linkage.

Adapter Pulleys Adapter Ratios, Applications, Links

Cable-travel adapters are used to make direct-pull cantilever brakes compatible with brake levers for other types of brakes, and to achieve compatibility with mismatched shifter-derailer-cassette combinations.

IG Hub Cable Pull Cable pull by brand, number of speeds, and average step.

The tables in this cribsheet identify compatibility of shifters and internal-gear hubs currently or recently in production as of 2014, and one classic antique.

Unthreaded Bottom Brackets All the new bottom-bracket dimensions we could find.

Bottom-bracket dimensions listed in order of bottom-bracket shell internal bearing seat diameter so as to highlight compatibilities.

Bottom Brackets, Threaded Dimensions for threaded bottom-bracket shells and parts which thread into them

Chainline Threaded bicycle bottom bracket chainline dimensions

Mixing and matching cups and spindles can have an unexpected effect on chainline, or may not even be possible.

Cranks/Chainrings 5 Bolt Cranks and 4 Bolt Cranks

Many references describe these measurements as "center to center," but there is nothing to measure from at the center of a hole! Very fortunately, all of the bolt holes are the same size, and measuring from right side to right side or left side to left side neatly avoids this problem!

Cyclecomputers Cyclecomputer Calibration Chart

This is the printout version of Sheldon Brown's Cyclecomputer Calibration Chart with links to calibration procedure instructions pages for particular models.

Handlebars Bicycle Handlebar and Stem Dimension Crib Sheet

With stem clamp size, grip area size, and application.

Headsets Threaded Headsets/Steerers and Threadless Headsets/Steerers

Listed in order of frame cup outside diameter, crown race inside diameter, steerer O.D., and threads per inch -- the dimensions which affect headset compatibility with frame and fork.

Metric Conversions Inches to mm and cm conversion

and where these measurements are likely to occur.

Spacing Bicycle Frame and Cassette Spacing

Frame/Fork Spacing and
Cassette/Freewheel Spacing by Brand and model with Center-to-center Spacing, Sprocket Thickness, Spacer Thickness, and Total Width.

Tire Sizes Which Size Tire Fits Which Size Rim?

The more common sizes are shown with a white background, the less common varieties are shown with a gray brackground. Commonly confused sizes are noted.

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