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Rambouillet Bicycles by Rivendell

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The Rambouillet complete bicycles are designed and spec'ed by Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles (and formerly of Bridgestone USA.)

These feature beautifully built, traditional lugged steel hand-made frames.

The base prce of $2100 gets you an almost-complete bicyle. What's missing are the most commonly substituted parts: the saddle, pedals and handlebar tape.

The Rambouillet feature an unusual component mix:

03frontquarter09v 04headfront05v 05headside04v 06rearquarter10v
07upperfront11 08interrupters06 09topheadlug20 10rearcrown22
11fronthub16 12bbfront15 13bbrear18 14reardrop19
15rearhub17 16seatcluster03 profile-sq profile-crop
Rambouillet Geometry

Geometry charts don’t tell the whole story, and few riders know how to interpret the numbers. You can "learn" that a 74-degree seat tube angle is "steep," or a 59cm top tube on a 57cm bike is "long," but numbers don’t tell you how a change here affects a change there, or how the bike feels. And geometry charts never, ever address such critical issues as bar height, tire clearance, and overall comfort. So we submit the Rambouillet geometry for the sake of tradition, and in keeping with that, all specifications are subject to change without notice, on a whim. But these numbers are good!…

Note, this geometry chart doesn't feature the new 50 and 52 cm sizes, which are beautifully proportioned, thanks to the use of 559 mm (26 inch) wheels. The smaller Rambouillets don't use the chi-chi 571 mm "650c" size, the 559 size is just as fast, and there's a much wider range of tire options available, since this is the same wheel size used on mountain bikes.
Size Seat Angle Head Angle Fork Rake Top Tube Chain Stay BB
Stand Over
54 72.5 72.0 4.75 55.0 43.5 7.7 79.1
56 72.0 72.5 4.5 55.5 43.5 7.7 80.8
58 72.0 73.0 4.25 57.0 43.5 7.7 82.8
60 72.0 73.0 4.25 58.0 44.5 7.7 84.7
62 72.0 73.0 4.25 59.0 44.5 7.7 86.6
64 72.0 73.0 4.25 60.0 44.5 7.7 88.5
68 72.0 73.0 4.25 62.0 45.0 7.7 92.4

All dimensions are in centimeters, unless stated otherwise. Seat tube and head tube measurements are given in degrees. Our frames are measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube.

Top tube lengths are effective, measured parallel to the ground. The top tube slopes 2 degrees upward toward the front of the bike, to help raise the handlebars into a more comfortable position.

Rear axle spacing is 132.5mm, splitting the difference between road and mountain hubs. The frame will easily accept either 130mm or 135mm rear hubs.

* Stand over height is measured midway along the top tube, from the ground to the top of the tube. Stand over heights given are for bikes with Rolly-Poly (700x27) tires installed.


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