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Bottom Bracket Parts from Harris Cyclery

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Square Taper BB Sets:

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Bottom Brackets

BB threading: British? Italian? French? Click here!     A partial list of cranksets and their recommended BB size.



skf BB

SKF Heavy-Duty Bottom Brackets  $149.95  buy button

SKF sets a new standard for bearing life and overall durability!
They feature larger bearings than any other sealed cartridge bottom bracket.

  • Precision-made in Germany
  • BAS Model (Spindle taper is JIS)
  • Patented seals to keep out water and dirt.
  • All parts, including the bearings, are made from corrosion-free stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Roller bearing on drive side for higher load rating
  • Extra-large ball bearing on non-drive side rolls directly on spindle and in shell
  • 10-year warranty includes bearings.
  • Fits 68mm or 73mm BB shell width. Only lengths 113mm and up for 73mm shell.

  • For mounting the bottom bracket, we recommend using an ISIS-type tool like the Park BBT-18

    Available spindle lengths: 107mm, 110mm, 113mm, 116mm, 121mm, 126mm

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    Phil Wood Bottom Brackets


    Sealed Cartridge Bottom Brackets
    Made In USA!

    Consist of a cartridge and 2 mounting rings.

    What makes Phil Wood Bottom Brackets so great?


    Standard Phil Wood Bottom Brackets

    Alloy Housing - Stainless Steel Spindle buy button
    JIS TaperJIS Low ProfileCampagnolo
    (ISO Taper)
    image image image
    Phil's Part #DescriptionLengthStd OffsetWeightPrice
    BRSC2S68 mm - Campagnolo Specific102mmSymmetrical197 gm$129.95
    BRSL3S68 mm - JIS Low Profile103 mmSymmetrical197 gm$129.95
    BRSC5S68 mm - Campagnolo Specific105 mmSymmetrical199 gm$129.95
    BRSL5S68 mm - JIS Low Profile105 mmSymmetrical202 gm$129.95
    BRSL8S68 mm - JIS Low Profile108 mmSymmetrical208 gm$129.95
    BRS08S68 mm - JIS108 mmSymmetrical208 gm$129.95
    BRSC8S68 mm - Campagnolo Specific108 mmSymmetrical208 gm$129.95
    BRSD0S68 mm - Campagnolo Specific110.5 mmSymmetrical197 gm$129.95
    BRSD0R68 mm - Campagnolo Specific
    (Record Triple)
    110.5 mmRight+2197 gm$129.95
    BRS11S68 mm - JIS111mmSymmetrical197 gm$129.95
    BRS13S68 mm - JIS 113 mmSymmetrical215 gm$129.95
    BRS13R68 mm - JIS113 mmRight+5215 gm$129.95
    BRSD5S68 mm - Campagnolo Specific115 mmSymmetrical215 gm$129.95
    BRSD5R68 mm - Campagnolo Specific115 mmRight+5215 gm$129.95
    BRS16R68 mm - JIS116 mmRight+5215 gm$129.95
    BRS16S68 mm - JIS 116 mmSymmetrical215 gm$129.95
    BRS19R68 mm - JIS119 mmRight+4226 gm$129.95
    BRS19S68 mm - JIS119 mmSymmetrical226 gm$129.95
    BRS23R68 mm - JIS123 mmRight+5226 gm$129.95
    BRS23S68 mm - JIS123 mmSymmetrical226 gm$129.95
    BRS25R68 mm - JIS125 mmRight+5226 gm$153.95
    BRS25S68 mm - JIS125 mmSymmetrical226 gm$153.95
    BRS27R68 mm - JIS127.5 mmRight+5226 gm$153.95
    BRS30S68 mm - JIS130 mmSymmetrical226 gm$153.95
    BRS30R68 mm - JIS130 mmRight+5226 gm$153.95
    BRS35S68 mm - JIS135 mmSymmetrical226 gm$153.95


    Two Phil Mounting Rings are needed to hold the Bottom Bracket in the frame. Select your frame's threading below. buy button
    Part #ThreadingMaterialWeightPrice (Pair)
    BB285ISO/BritishStainless Steel34 Grams$37.95
    BB286ISO/BritishAluminum11 Grams$43.95
    BB287ItalianStainless Steel34 Grams$37.95
    BB288ItalianAluminum11 Grams$46.95
    BB289FrenchSteel34 Grams$47.95
    BB291SwissSteel34 Grams$47.95
    BB292Raleigh 26 TPISteel34 Grams$47.95


    Phil Bottom Bracket Mudguards

    Phil BB Mudguards

    Designed to help protect your Phil Wood bottom bracket cups from getting dust, dirt and mud that can accumulate in and around the bottom bracket cup splines. They have a drain opening to allow any moisture between the bearings and mudguard to vent out.

    They are made to install onto any Phil Wood square taper bottom bracket cup sets.

    Each set of mud guards comes with 4 rubber o-rings, (preinstalled and two replacement).

    Available in Black or Silver:

    BB235 Silver Mudguard Set $18.95 buy button

    BB236 Black Mudguard Set $24.95 buy button


    Tools for Phil Wood Bottom Brackets

    The diameter and notch pattern on the Phil Wood mounting rings are not the same as any other BB mounting system. (That's not because they choose to be different...Phil was the first to use this type of mounting, other makers of cartrdige bbs chose to create their own proprietary tooling.)

    So you will need a Phil Wood tool. Sold individually, but work better if used in pairs, especially on French/Italian threaded bottom brackets.

    Portable/Consumer mounting tool buy button
    Professional shop model buy button



    Shimano Square Taper Bottom Brackets

    (BB-UN55 feature sealed cartridge bearings) Square Taper

    Shimano BB-UN55 English thread, 68 mm width    $25.95 buy button

    Specify spindle length: 107, 110, 113, 115, 118, 122.5, 127.5 mm

    This style fits almost all frames not made in France or Italy. Spindle taper is J.I.S.

    Square Taper  

    Shimano BB-UN55 Italian 70mm width $25.95 buy button

    This style fits most Italian-made frames (not including newer Bianchis). Spindle taper is J.I.S.

    Cup threading is 36mm x 24 TPI.

    Specify spindle length: 107, 113, 115 & 118mm



    Square Taper BBs in Track Length (103mm)

    Sugino 68 x 103 mm Bottom Bracket BB105  $52.95  buy button

  • CroMoly J.I.S. square taper spindle
  • BB Shell Width: 68 mm
  • Spindle Square Taper: 103 mm
  • Steel Cups
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Weight: 285 g
  • BB Thread Type: English

    Companion to Sugino RD singlespeed crankset.

  • Sugino 103 mm Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket

    IRD 68 x 103 mm Bottom Bracket BB102  $29.95  buy button

  • Made in Japan by Tange
  • CroMoly J.I.S. square taper spindle
  • BB Shell Width: 68 mm
  • Spindle Square Taper: 103 mm
  • Steel Cups
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • BB Thread Type: English

    Companion to Sugino RD singlespeed crankset.

  • This is a more affordable option to the Sugino model.
    IRD 103 mm Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket

    Bottom Bracket Dimensions (See also my Bottom Bracket Size Article and Bottom Bracket Cribsheet)

    (left) cup
    (right) cup
    1.370" X 24 tpi
    1.375" X 24 tpi
    rightleftStandard 68 mm
    O.S. 73 mm
    The overwhelming majority of bicycles in current production.
    British and I.S.O. are interchangeable.
    ISIS Overdrive48 x 1.5 mmrightleft68mm
    100 mm
    New proposed standard oversized system.
    Italian36 mm X 24 tpirightright
    70 mmItalian and some high-end French bicycles.
    Prone to problems due to the right threaded fixed cup,
    which tends to unscrew itself in use.
    French35 mm X 1mm (25.4 tpi)rightright
    68 mmObsolete, used on older French bicycles.
    Prone to problems due to the right threaded fixed cup,
    which tends to unscrew itself in use.
    Swiss35 mm X 1mm (25.4 tpi)rightleft68 mmSame thread as French, but fixed cup is left threaded for reliability.
    Raleigh1 3/8" X 26 tpirightleft71mm
    76 mm
    Older British-made Raleighs, especially 3 speeds.
    Male threads
    on crank
    24 tpi (most)
    28 tpi

    68 mm (2.68") wide
    51.3 mm (2.02") i.d.
    Older U.S. bikes, BMX, Juvenile bikes,
    Department store bikes.
    24 tpi cranks use #66 retainers, with 10 5/16" balls. Note: Some higher quality(mostly BMX) bikes used Tange 24 tpi BBs with #64 retainers.
    28 tpi cranks use #64 retainers, with 9 5/16" balls.

    French Thread bottom bracket parts are on our French Cranks page

    Phil Wood has French-thread retaining rings for their bottom brackets.

    Swiss Thread bottom bracket parts are on our French Cranks page

    Phil Wood has Swiss-thread retaining rings for their bottom brackets.


    Grade 25 1/4" Balls bag of 25 buy button

    Virtually all traditional bottom brackets use 11 1/4" balls on each side. These are the highest quality, grade 25. Many shops use the cheaper grade 100 or even grade 300, but we feel that at this price anybody can afford the best.

    Using indivual loose balls is gives better results than balls in retainers, so we don't carry retainers for this application. The primary advantage of using retainers is slightly faster assembly at the factory, and also the opportunity to use fewer balls.

    The 1/4" size also fits most rear hubs, 9 per side, so you might want to stock up.

    See also our Bearings Page

    Don't forget to use plenty of grease!


    Crank Fixing Bolts

    Various Mfrs.

    Self-extracting Crank Bolts

    These fit all traditional square tapered bottom brackets.

    CK029 14.95 buy button

    FSA Self-extracting Crank Bolts
    Various Mfrs.

    M8 Capless Steel Crank Bolts

    These fit all traditional square tapered bottom brackets.

    CK028 $5.95 buy button

    Use a long-handled 8 MM Allen wrench.

    Truvativ Crank Bolts
    Crank Fixing bolts from Quality Bicycle Products


    Crank Cotters

    See also my article on servicing cottered cranks.

    9.5 mm (3/8") Crank Cotters
    $1.95 Each buy button
    This size fits Raleighs and other English bikes, also fits most Asian made cottered cranks. DESCRIPTION
    (You will probably need to file the flat down some to fit your cranks)
    9.0 mm (French Size) Crank Cotters
    $3.50 Each buy button
    This size fits most French bikes.

    For Parts for American-style frames that use one-piece cranks, click here!


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