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Sturmey-Archer-50 Years of Leadership

In 1952, the Sturmey-Archer division of Raleigh Industries published a booklet to commemorate the 50th aniversary of Sturmey-Archer.

Mark Bulgier of Ti-Cycles in Seattle, Washington, was kind enough to lend me his copy, and I've scanned it and put it up, suitably modified for Web viewing:

catalog cover

FOR the past fifty years Sturmey-Archer have been pioneers in the manufacture of variable geared hubs, hub brakes and Dynohubs. Theirs is a story of continual research and development, striving to make cycling safer and easier. To-day Sturmey-Archer provide a range of products giving benefits to cycling greater than those given by any invention since the intro duction of the pneumatic tyre.

The men who have made this possible are famous figures in the history of cycling and history is being made to-day by those who carry on the tradition founded fifty years ago.

On the occasion of our Golden Jubilee we are proud to present a brief history of Sturmey-Archer; the story of designers, technicians, riders and the hubs they produced and tested-the story of Fifty Years of Leadership-in both Home and Overseas Markets.

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