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By the development of variable hub gears to make cycling easy, hub brakes to make cycling safe, and Dynohubs to provide costless, frictionless and trouble-free lighting, Sturmey-Archer has made possible the production of the modern fully equipped bicycle. These fitments have now become standard equipment on practically all makes of bicycles throughout the world.

In the Sturmey-Archer range of hubs there is a gear to suit every rider. Variable hub gears have been specially designed to suit the individual needs of the racing enthusiast, the clubman and the everyday cyclist.

It is interesting to record that Reg Harris, the world's professional sprint champion, 1949, 1950 and 1951 considers the Sturmey-Archer FM (four-speed medium ratio gear) the best all-round gear for club use. Sturmey-Archer gears have been used by many famous riders, Harry Green, Jack Rossiter, Bert James, Sid Ferris, to name only a few.

Each gear is a masterpiece of precision engineering. Perhaps the supreme examples are the AC Ultra-Close Ratio Three-speed gear, the obvious choice for time-trials, the "go anywhere" FW Four-speed Wide Ratio hub, and the ASC, the only Three- speed fixed gear manufactured in the world to-day.

Experience has proved that of all variable gears used on bicycles, the hub gear is the most reliable. Being totally enclosed, it is sealed against harm from mud or water. Oil is retained in the hub shell, making possible constant lubrication and thus ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

Sturmey-Archer gears can be divided into three ranges-the Wide, Medium and Close ratios. In each there is a choice between a three-speed and a four-speed gear. The introduction of the four-speed gear marked the beginning of a new phase in standard cycle equipment. Whilst many still prefer the three-speed gear, there is no doubt that the four-speed, by offering two normal gears, provides advantages which will ensure its pre-eminence in the future.

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