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Boston's own Publick Theatre performs every summer in an open-air amphitheater in Herter Park, between Soldiers Field Road and the Charles River. We may be the only theatre in New England with a moat!

The Publick Theatre Presents:

"Once Upon A Time..." Children's Theatre

Spend Saturday mornings with your children at the Publick's Outdoor Theatre!

Combining entertainment, education and the magic of theatre, Once Upon A Time provides children with a unique opportunity to become actors in a live performance of classic children's stories and nursery rhymes.
Once Upon A Time will present: Performances are at 10 am and noon.

Founded by Deborah Wrighton and Joe Wex in 1995, Once Upon A Time develops a sense of community among all involved. Children in attendance have fun entertaining their families and friends, while they learn about cooperation and teamwork, enhance their imagination and creative skills, and develop confidence and self-esteem. Scripts are developed by Deborah Wrighton and Brian Wolfe-Leonard and are presented by profesional actors and children's educators.
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