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Bob Jolly recently was seen as Elisha Whitney in The Publick Theatre's production of Anything Goes. For nearly ten years Bob has been a Boston based actor, director, teacher and peripatetic raconteur, giving hundreds of pertormances throughout the region in such diverse roles as Salieri in Amadeus, Jerry in Betrayal, Player King in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and Patelone in A Servant of Two Masters.

The Publick Theatre has always been a special home for Bob where he is proud of his recognition by Arthur Friedman of The Boston Herald as Best Pertormance of the 1991 Boston Season for his work as Harpagon in The Miser. And of course there are the many delightful productions of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas that have graced our stage for so many seasons, and which Publick patrons are so kind to frequently recall, to which Bob can only respond by quoting W.S. Gilbert from Patience: "To charm and please their devotees we've done our little best."

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