My Kodak Tourist Camera
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My Kodak Tourist Camera

I've long had a soft spot for folding cameras. This Kodak Tourist is nothing fancy, but under the right conditions it can give very nice results.

It is a scale-focussing camera, with a nice 105 mm glass lens. Format is 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 (6 x 9 cm). It uses 620 film, which is pretty scarce these days, but you can re-spool 120 film to 620 spools if you're dextrous in the dark.

The weakest point of this camera, like many cheap cameras, is the viewfinder, which only gives a very vague idea of what you're taking a photo of.

The photo below was made with this camera in 1974 using a rubber bulb shutter release which I rolled over with my front tire to trip the shutter.


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