My Zeiss Ikoflex III Camera
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Zeiss Ikoflex III Camera

This was my first really nice twin-lens reflex.

I got it very cheap because it was broken and nobody knew how to get it apart. I eventually figured it out and repaired it.

The Ikoflex series was Zeiss's answer to the Rolleiflex. Quality was similar, but the design was not as good. It's slightly faster to load than a Rolleiflex, because you don't need to feed the backing paper through a special roller as with the Rollei, (both cameras have thickness feelers to find where the film starts, so you don't need to line up marks on the backing paper with little windows, as with most rollfilm cameras.)

The Rolleiflex wins out for speed of operation, due to the crank wind (knob wind on the Ikoflex) and Rolleis have better, brighter focussing screens.

Rollei also had a much better accessory system.

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