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Modified, re-loaded "disposable" cameras

I like to play around with disposible cameras. I reload them after use. I also modify panoramic models to take full frame pictures. (Normally, panoramics only expose a 12 mm high strip down the middle of the frame, instead of the full 24 mm height of a standard 35 mm frame. This seems like a silly waste of film to me. In addition, I adapt them to take 24 exposure rolls, rather than the usual 12.

Unfortunately, newer models have non-standard film drive mechanisms, but older ones can be used with standard 35 mm cartridges.

West Newton, Massachusetts, June 1994. Cambridge, Massachusetts August 1994
Calder sculpture at M.I.T. The Great Sail.
The two images above were made with a modified Konica disposable camera, the no-longer-available model with the 17 mm lens.

Newtonville, Massachusetts, 1992.
My cellar. A place for everything, and everything someplace.
Boston, Massachusetts, July 1994.
Officially: the "Longfellow Bridge"; better known to Bostonians as the "Salt & Pepper Bridge".
Newtonville, Massachusetts,1992.

My daughter on the swing.

The four images above were made with a Kodak panoramic disposable, modified for full-frame, and also for "T" shutter function. Kodak Ektar 25 film, (except fireworks, Kodacolor Gold 100) exposures approximately 15 seconds.

Swan Boat, Boston Public Garden The two images above were made during a Charles River Wheelmen ride north of Boston, August 1996
Konica single use flash camera, Kodak Royal Gold 400 film.
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