Polish Papercutting


Madalyn Joyce

Background of Wycinanki

History, influences, early materials (leather and bark) prior to the use of paper. Tools (early cutters used sheep shears). Design inspiration (decoration and tapestries seen in homes of affluence). Peasant interpretations (stylized birds, fl~wers, rhythmical repeats).

The One-Color Wycinanki, Kurpie style

Adapting and rearranging traditional design motifs. A.B.C. identification. Translating to circular cutouts and tree designs. Designs in endless variety.

The Bird and Flower Medallion Lowicz Style

Multicolor Variations. Overlays of color, including commercially available aids such as peel-off labels, gummed papers.

The Lowicz Flowers Birds, and Ribands

Color combinations and accents used on furniture, beams, cornices, in horizontal form (emphasis on flowers, birds, and panoramic decorations.) Design assemblages.

Regional Thematic Story-Telling

Designs that have special focus (regional details of costume and custom). Idea sources. Making dry runs of compositions and developing many uses for the same subject (using multiple photocopies).

Wycinanki and the Jewish Papercut

Mizrah plaque~designeito face Jerusalem using the lion, deer, Torah, grape vines, griffin, peacock, and other motifs. Research for this form of Polish origin.

Sharing Wycinanki with Children

Story format of folding the 5-pointed star using the story of a policeman at a parade. Helping children identify the various A.B.C. cuts with story and cutting keyed to a child lost after a parade. Mlaking mobiles.

Wycinanki Reroduction

Silk-screening using original papercuts. Tusche method of transfer. - Fund-raising potential using a Wycinanki demonstration team.

Wycinanki in Miniature: Wydmuszki

Traditional egg pitchers and Christmas ornaments. Reducing and transferring your own design with polymer medium.

Design Sources for Special Wycinanki Projects

Newspapers, magazines, tapestries, and embroideries.

Famous Papercutters and Collectors

Hans Christian Anderson, Mlarie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine the Great. Longest papercut known. American papercutters. Yale College collection. Books, Articles, Libraries, fluseums. and other sources consulted. Outlets for Wycinanki materials
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