The MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players

Thespis Photos

by Ruth Jedlinsky, HTML and Photoshoppery by Sheldon Brown

M.I.T. Student Center, April 10, 2004

Act 1 MatinéeAct 2 MatinéePosed PhotosEvening Performance
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thespis-19.00 thespis-19.14 thespis-19.15 thespis-19.18 thespis-19.20
thespis-19.25 thespis-19.26a thespis-19.38 thespis-19.38b thespis-19.39
thespis-19.42 thespis-19.47 thespis-19.48 thespis-19.49 thespis-19.53
thespis-19.58 thespis-20.00b thespis-20.00c thespis-20.01