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Thespis Photos

by Harriet Fell, HTML and Photoshoppery by Sheldon Brown

M.I.T. Student Center, April 10, 2004


or The Gods Grown Old

a world-premiere production

Libretto by William S. Gilbert
Music by Arthur Sullivan and Colin Johnson
Orchestration by Todd Neal

In Thespis, the gods on Mount Olympus have grown old and tired, so they decide to take a vacation to Earth while a group of traveling actors takes their place.

Thespis was the first collaboration between Gilbert and Sullivan. Because most of its original music has been lost, it has very rarely been presented since its original production in 1871.

This version of Thespis consists of two existing Sullivan tunes, "Climbing Over Rocky Mountain" and "Little Maid of Arcadee." All other music has been specially composed for this show by Colin Johnson, and we are pleased to be presenting the world premiere of this new work. This site has four separate groups of photos, all from the April 10 2004 doubleheader:

Act 1 Matinée
Act 2 Matinée
Posed Photos
Act 1 Evening
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