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Leo Ego

Leo Ego, also known as Ellio Iggio,
Musician, Merchant, Cyclist, Radio Personality,
Philanthropist and Bon Vivant of Waltham, Massachusetts.

Note: this is an archival page.
Leo Ego can't be found with a Web search,
and his radio show and store are gone.

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Sheldon Brown photo
Most chain tattoos wash off, but not Signor Iggio's!
Sheldon Brown photo
Ellio Iggio out for a spin on his Bridgestone Blouson
Sheldon Brown photo
The Bridgestone Blouson...was this the finest bicycle ever built?
Maybe it would be faster if it had POWerwheels!

Turn 2 Music

was located at:

132 Prospect Street,
Waltham, Massachusetts

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Updated Saturday, January 4, 2013

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