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Name William R. HARRIS
Birth 4 Nov 1835, Canada
Death 28 Jul 1922
Father George HARRIS (1795-1852)
Mother Hannah BROOKS (1801-1867)
Notes for William R. HARRIS
4 children Will, Henry, Mary, Ed.16

Myrtle Point Ore (?) Dec 21, 1913

Mrs Olive Brown
and family Zillah, Wash

Dear Sister I received your card of Nov 4 reminding me that i had arived at another mile post and stil further reminds me that I have but a few more if any to pass. I was sorry to hear of Andrew's bad luck for men of his Age can't stnad such attacks (illegible) I hope he has fully recovered.

We are all enjoying our usual good health in fact we have never had any Serious Sickness in our family during our entire history Louisa and I are both injoying very good health for years but that is not Saying that we are not qauite infirm and decriped but we are both able to get About and do Some work my worst trouble is my feet they so injured in the Army that they neer recovered. I have suffered much with them ever since my big toe joint is inlarged tha tI can't get shoes to fit and the bottoms of my feet is covered with callouses that is very sore yet I can work at such as (ill.) the barn take care of the dairy house saw wiid abd naje garden

Well I am enjoying life I sleep well hav a good apetite (in fact too good like all old people I want to eat too much) and am quite free from aches and pains feet excepted.

Henry lives 2 miles fromus and 1 myle from Myrtle Point. He has a very goood wife full of business and industrious. They have 4 children bright healthy children. Daphne 10 G(ill) 8 Lucille 6 Lois 3 all but the youngest in shcoool.

They have a 20 acre bottom farm and are doing quite well milking which is the business of this country. William lives 6 miles from stockton California they have 2 boys the oldest 15 years youngest 13 him and his wife are both Visionary (like myslef) they tryed every place in the northwest since they got back in California they seem to be satisfied they have rented a dairy six miles from Stockton.

Edwin settled on a place 3 miles from Myrtle Point 10 years ago it has good timber contains 120 acres he sold 40 acres of timber and sold the timber off and cleared up another 40 he has 40 left of good timber which he will sell the timber off and clear up and put to grass. He is now milking 8 cows seperates the milk at home and sends the cream to the creamery he has young bearing orchards plenty fruit and berries in fact a pleasnat home.

Mary has a place of 30 acres ajoining with a house and baren and young orchard coming to bearing her and Ed are both single asyou are awere we all live together and have nothing to complain of it is a pleasant home for us not like most old people life does not drag heavily with me there are no clouds or shadows cross my path.

I injoy life and would like to live a hundred year longer I am a socialist believe in the Brotherhood of Man aful faith in humanity and believe we are fast immerging from ignorance and criminal inequity to higher plain of civilization where all will have equal opportunities to enjoy life.

I wrote Betsy last week you have no doubt heard that we lost our house and most it contents by fire there was no insurance we saved a Sewing machine and threw beds and a few quilts two beds upstairs was los even with all the furniturebook papers clothing and other to numerous to mention Mary and Ed had gon to the fair wore only a second suits on account of the tust {louisa?} and I weree alone so couldn't do but little in saving things. Louisa lost all clothes I saved an old suit and pants and vest of the new suit dropping the coat on the last trip out of the burning house.

The house was old and but little loss but the loss in side was over 500 dollars the [book?] cost over 200 the fire started from a spark from the stove while starting it from the main fire it was on the 13 day of Sept Every thing very dry and the fire very soon caught to the papers inside ans doon drove me out is the reason we saved so little we were preparing to buld a new house this fall which we have got built but the fire hurried the weatehr before was quite ready we put up a good roomy house but [illegible line on fold] we have replaced enough of our lost things to be comrortable an without debt al we suffered was a little nervous strain at the time. Now we sleep wellas tho noghing ever happened. Well I have wrote enough for the time I want to hear from your again tell Andrew to write give some of his experiances since I saw him last [ill] ago tell us all about your family where your boys are and how they get on in this friendly world i hope they catch on the Social idea and are striving for a higher civilizaiton our best wishes for all bood by for this time (and may be forever)
W.R. Harris
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